Outdoor Projects

Summer Time, well not officially but sure feels like it. The sun is out and the day is warm especially here in Wisconsin. When it feels like summer than you got to pull out all the summer projects and in hope of at least finishing one of them. So outdoor living, here we come!!!


For awhile now I have been wanting to put a garden closer to our home, and today it somehow happened.My husband and his father wasn’t able to go to work, they decided to get my garden done so we could go to Menards to pick up some plants.

I will like to mention that we live on the same property as my in-laws and the family business. We have a lot of traffic that happens around our house, we built were a lot of vehicles and machines turn around. Its normal to have a dump truck or a skidders parked in front of our home. Since there is a lot of traffic, it is hard to have a permanent garden or play area close to the front of our house and not much of a backyard.


With this challenge, my husband figured out that their was a place we could put a raised garden and a sand box. The place we put it, is where we have some strange weeds that are giants, it can get up to 6 feet and are the look and feel of bamboo. So as I am thinking about this, I am worried that these weeds will come through the tarp that we put down to prevent weeds but will see.

This raised garden bed, is made out of logs that have been on the property, and had been cut down to size and notched to sit on top of each other nicely. We took dirt and piled it on the sides of the logs to fill in the gaping holes and my husband leveled out the dirt that is our base. 61613734_2401794683397238_4039164687437266944_n We took an old tarp that is good for nothing other than the dump, we cut it down to size and we layered it on the ground for weed protection. As you can tell its a family affair, grandpa, dad and son. I also had our little baby in his swing right behind me while we were working on this project. 61481058_447814825765248_2048520703782682624_n

After we got the tarp down, I got busy so their isn’t any pictures that are of us putting down a layer of sawdust, dirt and black dirt. Which is now to the brim and it was great outdoor work. My son did help us at many of the stages until he got bored and decided to wander off until my husband set him in the flatbed of an old truck sitting right by the garden.


This is the finishing product, I am very pleased with how it turned out especially since I wasn’t part of the planning process and it was on a whim. That is how it goes around here and my husband and father-n-law does a great job on the projects.


My son will be the happiest, we created a sandbox for him by my garden. That one is out of an old tire that came of a tractor. We also put a tarp down to help with the massive weeds, and then we placed sand in this tire. Sadly, my father-n-law had to mention that we might find Reggie sunbathing. Reggie is an “adopted” 6 foot garden snack, how he managed to get that big I am not sure, I am afraid of snakes.


I am glad that my son was able to help with this project, while they were working on the tire project. I had to put our little boy in his bassinet for a good nap. So I stayed close to the house with the window, I was able to hear him if he needed me. I worked on a cabinet shelf to join it twin in the bathroom.


I am happy how far we have gotten in the outdoor projects and their is so much more coming. I can’t wait to share it with you all, as the summer goes on. I am excited to be outside with my little boys and play with them and work. I am also excited on planting vegetables and learning to cook and eat them.

Young Country Mama