Balancing My Priorities and Goals

Just acknowledging that your life has become unbalanced and re-evaluating your priorities isn’t enough. Finding the right ways that work for you to make sure that your priorities are in check and goals are met helps you keep your life balanced.


A couple weeks, I noticed that I needed to re-evaluated my priorities and goals after noticing that my life was unbalanced.A couple weeks, I talked about in Things need to Change post on how I noticed my life was getting to be unbalanced. Last week,inMy Priorities, I talked about getting my priorities in check and my goals are. Today, I am talking about how I am going to keep my priorities in check.

Waking up Early

I was waking up the same time as my boys, in where I was rushing around to make sure that they were taken care of while taking care of myself. I decided to milk the goat in the morning which requires me to wake up early. Before going out and taking care of the goat, I get ready for the day and read my bible. Making it easier for me to take care of the boys when they wake up without needing to rush around.

Stepping Away from Social Media

I was spending way too much time on Social Media without seeing any outcome. I was so engrossed in the social media world that I was missing important things in the real world. I was getting frustrated and fed up so I took a 4 day break from social media which had helped me get some clarity. I realized that I also need to enforce a no phone Shabbats, so I can enjoy my family.

Limiting TV.

My Child was being babysat by the TV, which he picked up an attitude that was being portrayed on TV. He wasn’t listening to me especially when needed that was frustrating me. So Limiting how much TV that my son gets during the day helps him to not pick up the Attitude that is being shown and even being careful choosing the TV shows that he watches.

Spending Time With My Children.

I am not the best when it comes to playing with my children, I am actually really bad at it but that can’t stop me anymore when it comes to spending time with my boys. It doesn’t always have to be playing with my boys but reading or sitting with them while they do play. My oldest is getting old enough that it is becoming easier to play with him.

Limiting “Me” Time

I read that it was important to have “me” time to be a sane mom. I took that and ran with the idea, finding myself having more “me” time than ever necessary. I was wasting time when my boys were taking naps/sleeping, or they were up at grandma’s house or if my husband needed some time with the boys.Being by myself to just waste it away isn’t always healthy especially if it is too much time. By limiting this “me” time helps me achieve getting things done around the house or goals with my blog.

Creating Healthy Routines and Schedules

I thought that because I have a stubborn boy that I can’t stick to a routine or schedule but the person that was not able to conform to a routine was me. I was the stumbling block to a successful household that could run on a routine/schedule. I was able to start small on creating a routine for me in the morning which is giving me confidence to create a healthy balanced routine/schedule for the rest of the day.

Cutting Back on Fitness

Fitness isn’t my life but I was on the verge of making it that way. I will be cutting back on how much I go to the gym or the focus I put on going to the gym. My goals for my fitness has changed a little but in a big way that I know that I don’t need to put so much time into being healthy.

Limiting Projects

I love Creating DIY projects and starting new little adventures in my life but it was becoming too much and taking a lot of time. I was becoming overwhelmed and wasn’t spending time with my children. Limiting the projects that I start will help me to not feel overwhelmed and create time to be with my children and other priorities in my life.

Just making small tweaks here and there helps me to be more in balanced even when life seems to be crazy. Creating good habits and breaking some of the bad ones to having a healthy mental life is also good. I needed to make sure that my priorities were in check to have a healthy home life and that my children are not only taken care of but to see a good role model in their life.




My Priorities

Once in a while it is great to re-evaluate where are priorities and goals are at in our lives and if they have changed. Last week, I wrote Things need to Change which I noticed that my life was unbalanced and what signs I saw that things in my life needed to change. This week I am going to mention what my priorities are and how I am getting back into balance.



Re-evaluating my priorities, I took a long deep look at where my priorities where misplaced and were they should be.

My Priorities Revised

Marriage- This wasn’t even on my radar when it came to my priorities. I found that I wasn’t spending an inch of necessary time with my husband which can create a separation in a marriage and I don’t want that. So this is going on the Top of my Priority List.

Children– They were on the top of the list but in a different way. I wasn’t spending enough time actually being present with them as I should. The TV was the babysitter and I wasn’t the parent that is needed. My son started gaining the attitude that was being shown in shows and wasn’t listening to me. Finding ways to make sure that I am spending enough time being present in their lives are now on my priority list.

Homemaking- There is so much to being a homemaker and doesn’t to every seem to be done. I was doing more of the projects than actually doing chores. Focusing just on the Children or projects aren’t exactly healthy for me especially for my mental health. Taking care of the many Homemaking duties, helps run the home smoothly and making sure that there is healthy environment.

Health/Fitness– Fitness was always on my mind which could make this to be very high on my priority list , and spending 45 minutes a day at the gym was getting to be too much. I was becoming very judgmental of my body and even judging others even when I know its not good. I was always worried about dieting and getting healthier but I was becoming unhealthy during that time. 

Walking away from Fitness and Health in a way is helping me to create a different perspective and placing it a little farther down on my priority list than what it was before.

Blog/Social Media- I was always on the phone with no outcome out of it. I found that I wanted to be like the influencers and getting upset because I wasn’t getting the results that I needed. In the process I was losing sight of what my real job is and the influence I had on my boys. My blog is important but I wasn’t creating actual content that I could publish, and was wasting good time. This might be last on this priority list but when I am spending time on Blog/Social Media that I am creating meaningful content.


Hashem’s Timing

Last Saturday before the Church started, I was going through my Jewish Bible and noticed something on Yom Kippur in Isaiah which is the book I am reading at the moment. The little section was talking about the Traditions around Yom Kippur and what the Isaiah has to say about it. What I noticed was that during the time between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur is called Yomim Nora’im.

During Yomim Nora’im, the Jews look at their inward selves to see if they are doing what Pleases Hashem both in their thoughts and actions. It is a time that they evaluate themselves.

I showed my mother-n-law that portion and she said that that she noticed me doing that. I wasn’t purposefully doing it because of this as a tradition to do so but I felt called to look inwardly to make sure that I am doing which He has called me to do.









Things need to Change

For weeks, I just felt that something was off, as if I was no longer balanced. I mean there is no such things as being balanced in our life, oh was I wrong! I was so unbalanced that I was getting burned out. I noticed in my children, my body, attitude and home.


As I said it took me weeks to finally make a couple changes and to take full realization to what was happening. There was many signs from Yeshua that I needed to re-evaluate my life. What made me realize that my life was unbalanced and what did I do to start changing it.


Signs that I was Not Balanced 

My Oldest Son wasn’t Listening, I know that my son was a Toddler but he consistently wasn’t listening to me. He was able to listen to his father or others better. He ran in the middle of the road and almost got hit but I am very blessed that the Driver was paying attention. I was trying to get my son’s attention and run after him but doing so with my youngest in my arms was not the easiest.

Six hours of data usage in a Day, I checked my phone and how much time I was spending on my apps which came up to being 6 hours total in the day. Funny, I don’t have anything productive to show from it. There is 24 hours in a day and 8 hours of sleep, 6 hours through out my day was on my phone.

Facebook Post, It took a Facebook Post from a Stay at home mom of 8 children to show me that I was missing something. She pointed out a couple things that I was lacking as a mom and what my attitude has become. My mind set was no longer where it should have been.

Getting Burned Out, I was putting too focus on many of the projects that was being done in the home.I was placing too much time in many different aspects of my life but not enough in other parts were really important. I was heading to the gym every day for 45 minutes with realization that my body was not happy with it and just burned out.

Nothing was getting Done, No matter how much I was doing things at home with any of the projects, chores, fitness/ health and social media. I wasn’t seeing any results. I mean there was 5 laundry baskets in our bedroom with no clothes actually folded, that sat there for weeks.


Stepping Back 

What did I need to step back from?

Social Media, 6 hours a day on social media with not actual productive outcome from it. I had to take a long needed break from it.

Fitness and Health, It was on my mind more than I needed. I was going every day to the gym and in the end I was burned out and my bad knee is hurting.

Home Projects, I had to many projects going on and was taking up my time that could have spent with my children. The projects was occupying all my time which pushed my children next and the household chores last.

“Me” Time, Its alright to have a little “me” time especially if the day is hectic but too much isn’t the greatest. I was wasting a good amount of time that should have been spent with my husband or the household chores.

There is sometimes too much of a good thing and can be very harmful and unhealthy for a person. It is good to take notice of what is happening to our priorities and how they are changing. I am ashamed how much things were getting out of wack around here. Next week I will be writing about my priorities and where they are at now and how my goals have changed.