Taking A Break…

I am in the midst of finishing up a big project that ended up being a big chore. I decided to paint the Kitchen from Coral(Pink) to White. As I have going through that project I noticed a couple things that needed to change in how I do things. To help me with the change is taking a much much needed break from many things including Social Media.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

What I noticed is that I am a Stay at Home Mom/ Homemaker but have been majorly lacking time with both of my children. I make sure that they are taken care of but TV has been “babysitting them” and I have been ashamed of it. TV will be limited in our home.

I noticed that I have focused more on my projects than spending time with my children. My oldest boy has started showing me that he is needing some mom time big time. He has taken having a brother pretty well and sometimes more than not that I am cuddling with his younger brother more than him. Projects will be limited especially to an hour a day or a couple hours a week. I will not be starting a big project for a couple weeks. 

There is a couple things that I am needed to do with my boy like potty training and pre-k which has been lacking since I have focused more on other things.

Social Media Break

I checked how much I have been on my phone and for a couple weeks it was running around 6 hours a day. Seriously? I didn’t realize that it was that much but I don’t exactly recall if it was meaningful work being done or cruising social media.

I have found that I would waste hours on Social Media as I cruise through social media. I do use Social Media to help me out in getting traffic for my blog but at the end of the day it wasn’t used as such.

I have treated Social as a need. I have treated it as an escape for my life even though my life doesn’t need an escape from. I have treated it as real life but in reality it is just a platform that is used for good and bad.

I have compared my life to many times to others and has been effected in not the right way by what people say on social media. My husband has noticed when I read articles on Facebook or Post from Instagram that it has effected me in the wrong way. So my husband is happy by this choice.

I have noticed that I spend to much time on Social Media that my home is also lacking when it comes to chores.

I need real connections in the real world.

I needed to rebuild my communications skills that I have lost by just communicating on Social Media. I have created some very bad habits when it comes to communicating so I have to fix that.

When I get back on Social Media, I will be reevaluating who I follow my platform, what I will be using it for and whom I am following.


I watch too much YouTube and find it to not be as useful as it was before. I also was starting to look at a form site for the YouTube Mom’s(will be not looking at that much anymore). I find that I need to limit how much I spend on YouTube so I can focus more on how I live my life.

Blog, Will Not Be Limiting

I will be spending more time on my blog. This is my outlet and I find that if I limit or take a break from everything that I am going to give up on my breaks. I have a lot that I want to post and feel that I will have more time. You will be seeing more of my photos since I am not going to be posting it on Instagram. I will be scheduling my time on my blog when my children are taking naps or with dad or grandma.

This is going to last until I am no longer needing to take a break. I do know that I am not going to be on social media that my views on my blog will go down since I won’t be sharing it but I am alright with that.



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