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My husband never heard of meal planning until I started doing it after my son was born. I stumbled across it when I was trying to find ways to be a good stay at home mom. I was intrigued at the thought but felt that I wouldn’t be able to stick to a meal plan. A couple months later, I was meal planning.Theme Meal Ideas (1)

Meal Planning wasn’t actually that difficult but it did take me time to get used to it and the idea of sticking to something. I have been doing it for 2 ½ years now and it has gotten easier for me to stick to it and to actually plan.

You got Weekly Meal Planning, which you can meal plan just for the week or a couple weeks at a time. There is also Monthly Meal Planning which you plan for the month in a couple hours and you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the month.

I did weekly meal planning up until this past month, I would forget to meal plan. I decided to try monthly meal planning and I feel that I saved myself time and a headache.

Benefits of Meal Planning

I am able to save money when I meal plan, since I know what I need to get at the grocery store. I was able to save around $100-$200 a month.

I don’t have to quickly come with a meal at night which saves me time and frustration.

Variety and Exploration to our meals , there is a theme for each day which gives us something new almost every night. I don’t seem to eat just pizzas and pastas every other night.

How I Meal Plan

Tools I use; Planner with Calender, Line Paper, Pinterest, Cookbook, Theme List, and List of Foods like and Dislike

Theme Meal ListTheme Meal Ideas

Create you Theme Meal List before you dig into actually creating you meal plan.

Having Theme Meals assigned for each day, helps me to have a variety of meals.

I will change it up each season, I changed out between salad and sandwiches(Spring & Summer) to Soups (Fall & Winter).

There is many different types of themes that you can find on Pinterest. It took me a while to figure out what worked for our family, so I tweaked it here and there.

If you have a theme you are able to narrow down your search on Pinterest or in a Cookbook.

Writing Out Your Meal Plan

Now That I have My Themes for the Meals, I take out a paper in which I listed out the days with the dates underneath them. Next to the dates, I wrote out meals that I thought would be good for that day, like the example down below.

Ex. Friday

My rough draft before putting in my planner, excuse the messy hand writing.

9/6- Fish and Fries

9/13- Meatloaf and Smash Potatoes

9/20- Pollo Asado

9/27- Roasted Rep Pepper Pasta

Writing it out on paper before putting it in my planner, helps me be able to change a couple things and keeps my planner less messy.

I try to makes sure to have foods on the table that my husband will enjoy and that my son will eat but that can be difficult.

My husband will eat anything but there isn’t exactly a favorite but he doesn’t like Asian or Indian food as much but he will eat it if placed in front of him. My son is the pickiest eater I have ever met and it does annoy me.

Having a list of foods of dislikes, likes and foods that didn’t seem to work or took too long will help you plan and reapeat or not repeat the meals.

Time to Put in the Planner

I  am able to write it in my planner, where I can now look at each day. I will put next to the recipe if I need to prepare the night before. Each week when it comes time for grocery shopping I am able to look at the meals to make sure I written down what I need. It helps out meal prepping since I know what I will be having and what I will need to prep for the week.

I hope this helps you meal plan and gave you a couple ideas. Stay tuned for the meal prepping post!


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