Shabbat, A list of Ideas

What can we do on Shabbat? I mean we can work, do household chores, go shopping or even sell anything so what is that we can do on Shabbat? Its nice not having to do anything on Shabbat that will possibly make me feel overwhelmed but sometimes we get bored or we think that we are being lazy.

Fact: Shabbat is from Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday

Activities You Can Do on Shabbat A Small List of Ideas

Here is a list of things that you could possibly do on Shabbat! 

Things to do with meaning!

Go to Church- It is the time of the week to get dressed up a little and head to church to worship with others that believe in the same way you do.

Put a Sermon on TV- If you can’t make it to church, find some good sermons on TV. I like watching 119 ministries and Joyce Myers.

In Home Bible Studies- Invite people over to have a meal and Bible studies. It is a great way to create connection with others while studying the bible. It is more personal than going to church and watching a sermon on TV, as you go along in the study you will be able to bring up questions or thoughts of what you are reading.

Volunteer- Helping those that are homeless by handing out food or clothes. Helping out after a natural disaster. There is many different volunteer groups that are for helping those in need. If those whom have needs, don’t have there needs vanish when it comes to Shabbat.

Visiting the Elderly- Visit those that are not able to leave there homes or nursing homes. They are too humans and need a little love! Take a musical instrument, a good book or a listening ear. They love to tell their stories and they love to hear about what is going on in the world and to hear about you. Many of those don’t have family members who visit them and are lonely.

Fun Activities

Board Games

Simple Crafts



Canoeing/ kayaking


Dinner Parties

Visit Family, Friends or Church Members

Christian Movies

Read a Christian Book

Study the Bible

Take a Nap

Chose an activity that doesn’t feel like work to you. Do the activities with a good heart and mind. To remember Yeshua when you are doing things on Shabbat!

This was a small list of things that you could do. There is so many different ways of spending you Shabbat and how you honor Adonai. I hope that you find this list helpful and maybe gives you some new ideas, they are not out of the box but sometimes that is a good things.






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