SAHM Life Changed Me!

I knew that as humans we change but I didn’t realize how much I have changed since becoming a stay at home mom 2 1/2 years ago. I almost gave up being a Stay at home mom to my oldest when I was dealing with Postpartum Depression but I am mighty glad that I didn’t since it showed me so much about myself. SAHM Life Changed Me


The First 2 1/2 years of being a stay at home mom/homemaker, I had discovered and rediscovered myself. I faced many challenges that brought out different aspects of who I am that I never thought I would see about myself. There is so much more that I have been able to do as a SAHM than I imagine.


I Found My Purpose, Strength and Potential. 

While I was going through PPD I was searching for my purpose. I just couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. It took me a whole year of searching to realize that it was in front of me the whole time. I just needed to accept that my purpose, and started to strive to thrive as a SAHM/homemaker.

During and after going through PPD, I needed to find and build up my strength both mentally and physically. Mentally, I started to get stronger in how I think and do things. I started to find determination to strive that I never seen before and started seeing my potential which my husband said he saw in me before we got married.

Discovering many Skills and my Creative Side

I thought that as a stay at home mom that I wasn’t going to do much other than clean and take care of my child. I started noticing that I had a creative side to me and skills that I didn’t realize that I had. I was able to relearn skills that I haven’t used in a long time. I am able to explore new aspects in life and be more outside the box than I was before.

Facing Bad Habit Head On and Creating New Healthy Habits

I wasn’t able to deal with my bad habits when I was working 8 to 9 hour shifts. I felt that I was just trying to survive the workload that was placed in front of me. The past couple years I have been able to focus on years worth of bad habits and finding ways to break them. In the midst of breaking bad habits I am able create new healthy habits.

More Feminine Less Feminist

During the Past couple years I have seen a shift in Feminist Movement and I had to question if I was one or not. I realized that I rather be old fashion Feminine than Modern Feminist any day. I like being more family minded than career minded. When I got married to my husband I knew I didn’t want to be equal to him but for him to be the Head of our Home, I enjoy that he is the man of the house.

Money Conscious 

I was terrible with money up until my son was 1 1/2 years old. I blew our money than it came in and I was always so guilty about money. I spent money because I was bored, I spent money because I thought I need something to help me in life and I spent money because I was guilty. I was guilty that I was spending my husband’s hard earned money and when I realized that it was our money once it entered our home because I did work by taking care of our home and child, my spending habits changed. I started wanting better quality products and less quantity and became more minimalist when it came shopping.

These were a few of the many things that I have seen about myself that has changed or created or learned since I became a SAHM/Homemaker. I wanted to write this after reading about a couple things about why you shouldn’t be a SAHM and what it does to a women. When I became SAHM it was kinda of a shock for a couple people but to me it isn’t something I want to change. I enjoy it!

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