Simplifying my Home

“Why does it seem that now a days people don’t keep anything?” an older women asked me one day in the Chiropractor office, when I told her that I didn’t keep any of my oldest boys clothes. I was 6 months pregnant and she asked me what the gender of the baby was in which I said it was another boy. It seems that everyone assumes that you automatically keep your oldest child’s clothes, making me feel guilty that I did not do so.

I am minimalist and I thought I talk about Why I am, how It came about, and how it has helped me to be a better homemaking and shopper.

  1. I have always have the inkling to organize and declutter, no one taught me how to do so. I was taught to clean but never to actually organize and declutter but I automatically decluttered my clothes when it didn’t fit or if I didn’t like it.
  2. My grandparent’s and my father is one of the reasons that I declutter. When I grew up with my grandparents I remember piles of things around the house, shop and storage that my grandpa had. To me it was normal but at the same time I noticed that not everything was being used. 40% of it was used over the course of time and 20% was used daily. Father has the same habit, he forgets that he has a tool so he ends up buying another which he ended up with 2 of the same tool.
  3. When I got married my husband had more stuff than I did and he was shocked by the amount of stuff that I had or the lack of things.
  4. When we moved into the house, with the things from the wedding, baby things and both of stuff it filled the house. Our house isn’t small which it can seem to others its small/medium but when it is full of things it didn’t look like I ever cleaned up the house. It also made it feel that I couldn’t find the motivation to actually organize my home. It was easier to clean and organize once I started decluttering my home and getting ride of things that didn’t serve a purpose and wasted precious space.
  5. I didn’t use the KonMari method to clean my home. I actually do not like the method.
  6. My home is not minimalist but simplified but minimalism has helped me with my sanity. I do have a minimalist closet. My husband doesn’t understand the minimalist lifestyle but he also grew up to hold on things and took me a while to get him to declutter through some of his ratty clothes.
  7. I found that minimalism had helped my mindset when it came to shopping. I love shopping but I was wasting money on useless stuff so now I am more intentional on what I buy. It also saves me money which my husband loves.
  8. I don’t feel guilty when it comes to having less and not keeping everything that comes in my home.

I know that minimalism has America by a storm but I think its a good thing and can work for anyone. I feel that it helps me not be totally materialistic and feel that I have to have everything that is being advertised. You will see me explain more especially when it comes to Homemaking and how minimalism has helped me clean.


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