Simple Bible Studying

Studying the Bible doesn’t have to be difficult and understanding could be much easier than you thought. I have seen so many different ways of studying the Bible and none worked for me and seemed to me to be added work. I found a couple ways that I found to make it easier to read the Bible and not feel overwhelmed.

Simply Studying The Bible Tips and Tools

First, I thought I could tell a little about how I got into Bible Studying and Digging Deeper. I grew up with my grandpa whom taught me that it was important to Dig Deeper into the Bible and to push past Boundaries. Around 4 years ago I became a Sabbath School Teacher and was the Head for Youth Classes at our Church for 3 1/2 years, where I learned about ways of Studying the Bible and even taught it.

I didn’t start Studying the Bible consistently until December of 2018 when I challenged myself in which created a great habit of getting into the Bible and learning new things every day.

Easy Ways Of Studying The Bible 

You need an Open Mind when you are reading the Bible, so put aside the Church’s Theology and society’s Ideology. If you are closed minded you will struggle with what the word says. It is tough to be open minded especially when the church or society has their own ideals so pray for the Holy Spirits guidance.

Read the Bible the fact that it was to be simple for even a child to read. Many people have made it seem that the Bible is full of layers. There is some translations that make studying the Bible so find the right one that helps you get to know Yeshua. If you do find something that you don’t understand than write it down in a notebook to check it out later.

When starting out reading for the Bible daily, finding a reading plan on Pinterest than writing the verses in your planner is a great to keep track what you are reading. Normally its small amount of verses so you won’t feel overwhelmed. If you don’t want to do that, there are small easy books to jump into like Ruth, Esther, Luke and John are great to start off with just start small when it reading it daily.

Topic Studies usually has you jumping around to different parts of the bible with you reading a couple verses here and there. I found that the verse that you weren’t sent to might be kinda vague so read the verse before and after it. It will broaden the meaning of that specific verse you are reading.

I am not a fan of jumping around in the Bible when it comes to deeper studying. I found that I would miss some important information and felt mighty lost to what was being spoken to me. Studying a chapter of a book gives me more insight on what is being said and what I am to understand.

I never Highlighted my bible until a year ago and I love it. It helps me find some of the important verses that jumps out to me for many purposes. I also write down notes, mostly if their is a couple verses a chapter that I find need to be put into a summary to help me understand than I will do that. I also write down any thoughts about a verse if it speaks volumes. If you have thoughts on what you are reading or questions than you should write it down to look it up or ask someone else for questions.

In my bible I have a book introductions telling me about the author, time, place and what the book is about in a synopsis. When it comes to Paul’s writings which is the most confusing one of all, you are also told whom he is talking to and the situation that he is addressing. If you don’t have the introductions, go online and research a little bit to get some knowledge of what is going especially if you are confused.

For Deeper Bible Studying, have more than one translation on hand to cross check. I found that I get a lot of information from the Jewish/Christian bible especially when it seems that there is a topic mentioned for different things.

Bible Sources and Bible Tools

I found that all you need to read the Bible is a Notebook, Pen, and Bible Highlighters (don’t bleed through the pages). My bible area is normally at the Dining room table but you are always on the go maybe a great pouch for everything so you don’t loose it and easy to grab out the door.

If you are Studying the Bible deeper you will probably like to have access to a couple different Bible translations. A Concordance, Dictionary and Atlas are other great sources.

I hope this helps you on your Bible Studying Journey and makes Bibles Studying simpler. I wish that I had these tools when I was in high school and even the mindset that the Bible is pretty simple to understand and that the Bible has no boundaries when it comes to understand Yeshua and his plan for our lives.


Homemaking: What the Summer Lacked and Gained

Its almost school time which means that its technically fall about to start. The weather here in Wisconsin is getting cooler which I am not ready for. What I am ready for is to get back into the groove of things.Homemaking_ Getting Back in the Groove

This past summer many things have gotten either out of control, forgotten or pushed aside. I did start a couple things this summer that I wish I did all along. What is some major things that make up homemaking that I didn’t or did do and what I learned from not doing some of the important things of Homemaking.

Didn’t Do! I was out of touch with MEAL PLANNING no matter how much I had the intentions of doing it. I found that because the summer days were long and hot I didn’t want to put a lot of effort in making food. My husband would be working long hours and not get into the house until it was near 7 pm which by then my oldest and I ate our meal. I don’t think that I we ate together about 60% of the time. When I didn’t have a meal plan prepared I didn’t know what to eat, and I didn’t make a decent or healthy meal for the family.

Did for a week! I have tried MEAL PREPPING before and didn’t like it since it was a one type of meal for the rest of the week. This time around I decided to prep individual foods that would be used in meals any time of the day. It made making meals faster, easier and less stressful especially with having 2 children.

Did Do! I never thought I would be BAKING BREAD like I watched my grandma did when I was living with her. I enjoyed the fluffy fresh bread that came out of the oven and felt that it was healthier. I know what I am putting in my bread and I know that it doesn’t have any preservatives.  I find that I am eating more sandwiches and making sure that I am getting more fibers in my diet.

Didn’t Do! I enjoy a CLEAN KITCHEN, it sets the tone of how my day is going to turn out. I discovered if I don’t have a clean kitchen than I am not going to make proper meals, meal prep or make bread. I find that a dirty kitchen makes me feel overwhelmed and than I don’t get anything done that is on my workload list.

Didn’t Do! Oh I didn’t BUDGET this summer like I needed to and it showed. I spent so much money this summer especially the month of July. For the size of our family I normally only spend about $1,200 a month. For the month of the month of June and July I went over that and I didn’t make me feel great. For the Month of August I had to reset my spending and even though I didn’t make it under the budget amount but I didn’t make close to overspending like the other months. I will be adjusting my budget amount and in hope that we can keep to it.

I know that I let many things go to wayside during this summer, and all of them were very important. I might not be ready for fall to be here but I ready to get back to these important things of Homemaking.




Burn Bootcamp

I felt the burn and man did it feel great. I took the plunge and signed up for burn boot camp and I am very happy with my decision. Today was the New Girl at Burn Bootcamp!

I Crushed My First Burn Bootcamp!


Wednesday, I went in and check out the place, asked all my questions and than I signed up on a whim. Normally, I talk it over with my hubby first and contemplate it for a bit than never do it. What sold me to do a Bootcamp that is in the long run is more expensive than anything I have ever done. Well I’ll tell you about my first day and you might see why.

I got there pretty early as I didn’t know how long it was actually going to take me to get to the gym. My son was actually pretty excited even though I was nervous since my boy is a little country man that can be well uncivilized (I am still working on taming him). I was able to sign the papers to have both my boys to be in the child’s room. I was less nervous as my boys seems to be content with their situation.

I waited until the trainer was ready to see consultation to talk about my background and fitness goals. She also took my weight, fat percentage(I think that is what she did) and measurements. She told me how things worked in the gym and I was becoming less nervous and more ready for the workout.

I was partnered up with someone that was a veteran to help me along the workout. e trainer also came around and showed me how to do the workouts if I needed, which I Thdid need. She explained each workout which was hard to follow along since I was taking everything in, plus the music was pretty hard to listen.

Everyone go on the floating floor and you started with the sumo squats than into half Burpees and I felt like I was going to die doing this. For me, I never got to the burn part of my workouts, I was never sweating by the end of the workout so I new this would be the first.

We were told what the workout was to be and how to do them, which was tough for me to follow, the also have it written on the board.  There was 5 workouts that we were to be doing, about 12 reps each and after you did workout you moved on but here is the kicker. Since we were all to be partnered up, one partner would be doing burpees until the person that was doing the workout was done. Oh did it BURN!

By the time that we were done, I felt that I needed to roll in snow to cool off. We weren’t exactly done until you did wall sits with or without weights in your lap while the other person was doing bicep curls(20 reps) than you switched off. You would do that until the trainer said done. That I really felt the BURN! I haven’t done wall sits in a long time.

We did some stretch to cool off while the trainer told us what was happening the next day or an event that was coming up. I was sweating pretty good and was curious how my son was doing in the child’s room. I did noticed that I couldn’t hear anything that was happening in the other room from the music that was playing and I didn’t see my oldest running out of the room so we must of been good.

Since I was new, I got my picture taken with a board saying that I finished my first camp. I will be going back until the 6 week program is done.

I changed into jeans since I needed to get stuff from Target and went into the Child’s room to pick up my 2 boys. My oldest looked like he was playing nicely and my youngest was in the car seat with an older boy playing with him to keep him calm. I did ask how my boy behaved and nothing surprises me on how he acts.

The report for that was: he doesn’t have volume control so he yelled a couple time and he hit another child a couple times. Which is why I chose to do this, my oldest doesn’t know how to share and he is uncivil no matter how much I work with him on it. In hopes that maybe he can slowly correct his bad habits in the Children’s room as he is playing with other children.

Next week I will be going 5 days out of the week and will be meeting with the trainer to talk about nutrition. I also needed to download a fitness tracker to report what I have been eating.

I will keep you all updated on everything goes on this new journey of mine. Funny thing, I will be going to the gym two times a day since my hubby wants to go at night on the regular days.

SAHM Life Changed Me!

I knew that as humans we change but I didn’t realize how much I have changed since becoming a stay at home mom 2 1/2 years ago. I almost gave up being a Stay at home mom to my oldest when I was dealing with Postpartum Depression but I am mighty glad that I didn’t since it showed me so much about myself. SAHM Life Changed Me


The First 2 1/2 years of being a stay at home mom/homemaker, I had discovered and rediscovered myself. I faced many challenges that brought out different aspects of who I am that I never thought I would see about myself. There is so much more that I have been able to do as a SAHM than I imagine.


I Found My Purpose, Strength and Potential. 

While I was going through PPD I was searching for my purpose. I just couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. It took me a whole year of searching to realize that it was in front of me the whole time. I just needed to accept that my purpose, and started to strive to thrive as a SAHM/homemaker.

During and after going through PPD, I needed to find and build up my strength both mentally and physically. Mentally, I started to get stronger in how I think and do things. I started to find determination to strive that I never seen before and started seeing my potential which my husband said he saw in me before we got married.

Discovering many Skills and my Creative Side

I thought that as a stay at home mom that I wasn’t going to do much other than clean and take care of my child. I started noticing that I had a creative side to me and skills that I didn’t realize that I had. I was able to relearn skills that I haven’t used in a long time. I am able to explore new aspects in life and be more outside the box than I was before.

Facing Bad Habit Head On and Creating New Healthy Habits

I wasn’t able to deal with my bad habits when I was working 8 to 9 hour shifts. I felt that I was just trying to survive the workload that was placed in front of me. The past couple years I have been able to focus on years worth of bad habits and finding ways to break them. In the midst of breaking bad habits I am able create new healthy habits.

More Feminine Less Feminist

During the Past couple years I have seen a shift in Feminist Movement and I had to question if I was one or not. I realized that I rather be old fashion Feminine than Modern Feminist any day. I like being more family minded than career minded. When I got married to my husband I knew I didn’t want to be equal to him but for him to be the Head of our Home, I enjoy that he is the man of the house.

Money Conscious 

I was terrible with money up until my son was 1 1/2 years old. I blew our money than it came in and I was always so guilty about money. I spent money because I was bored, I spent money because I thought I need something to help me in life and I spent money because I was guilty. I was guilty that I was spending my husband’s hard earned money and when I realized that it was our money once it entered our home because I did work by taking care of our home and child, my spending habits changed. I started wanting better quality products and less quantity and became more minimalist when it came shopping.

These were a few of the many things that I have seen about myself that has changed or created or learned since I became a SAHM/Homemaker. I wanted to write this after reading about a couple things about why you shouldn’t be a SAHM and what it does to a women. When I became SAHM it was kinda of a shock for a couple people but to me it isn’t something I want to change. I enjoy it!

Simplifying my Home

“Why does it seem that now a days people don’t keep anything?” an older women asked me one day in the Chiropractor office, when I told her that I didn’t keep any of my oldest boys clothes. I was 6 months pregnant and she asked me what the gender of the baby was in which I said it was another boy. It seems that everyone assumes that you automatically keep your oldest child’s clothes, making me feel guilty that I did not do so.

I am minimalist and I thought I talk about Why I am, how It came about, and how it has helped me to be a better homemaking and shopper.

  1. I have always have the inkling to organize and declutter, no one taught me how to do so. I was taught to clean but never to actually organize and declutter but I automatically decluttered my clothes when it didn’t fit or if I didn’t like it.
  2. My grandparent’s and my father is one of the reasons that I declutter. When I grew up with my grandparents I remember piles of things around the house, shop and storage that my grandpa had. To me it was normal but at the same time I noticed that not everything was being used. 40% of it was used over the course of time and 20% was used daily. Father has the same habit, he forgets that he has a tool so he ends up buying another which he ended up with 2 of the same tool.
  3. When I got married my husband had more stuff than I did and he was shocked by the amount of stuff that I had or the lack of things.
  4. When we moved into the house, with the things from the wedding, baby things and both of stuff it filled the house. Our house isn’t small which it can seem to others its small/medium but when it is full of things it didn’t look like I ever cleaned up the house. It also made it feel that I couldn’t find the motivation to actually organize my home. It was easier to clean and organize once I started decluttering my home and getting ride of things that didn’t serve a purpose and wasted precious space.
  5. I didn’t use the KonMari method to clean my home. I actually do not like the method.
  6. My home is not minimalist but simplified but minimalism has helped me with my sanity. I do have a minimalist closet. My husband doesn’t understand the minimalist lifestyle but he also grew up to hold on things and took me a while to get him to declutter through some of his ratty clothes.
  7. I found that minimalism had helped my mindset when it came to shopping. I love shopping but I was wasting money on useless stuff so now I am more intentional on what I buy. It also saves me money which my husband loves.
  8. I don’t feel guilty when it comes to having less and not keeping everything that comes in my home.

I know that minimalism has America by a storm but I think its a good thing and can work for anyone. I feel that it helps me not be totally materialistic and feel that I have to have everything that is being advertised. You will see me explain more especially when it comes to Homemaking and how minimalism has helped me clean.