My Journey to Eating Healthier Without Dieting

I have been struggling with my diet, well I have always struggled with it and I always knew it needed to change. I decided that its better to start now than wait when it feels like its too late. I am going to make changes to my diet without dieting, I am not a fan of Fad Diets but I know that many people have made great transformations on it.

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What I would like to achieve is to balance out our meals, to limit the amount of process foods go in our diets and to introduce more foods. I want to a good role model when it comes to food and how I chose it, so my son feels that is what he should eat. Eating Healthier in hope will help boost my energy and feel better about my habits. I also hope that it will help achieve my fitness goal.

About my Diet Now and What I would Like to Change!

  • I am Kosher (always been), which means I don’t eat certain meats and sea foods.
  • I have a major sweet tooth, and sweet treats have become my daily snack. I would like sweet treats as an actual treat.
  • I enjoy fast food meals, especially McDonald’s. I have enjoyed more fast food meals that I like this month. I would like to make Fast food trips once every couple weeks not every other day.
  • Artificial sugar is my bodies nightmare if I have to much of it. I will get dizzy and my vision will go black if I  have a lot of Soda’s. So I have been able to limit my intake of sugary drinks.
  • I am not good at making decent lunches even though I am stay at home mom. I would like to put more time in my lunches even if its a simple salad or sandwich.
  • I struggle eating fruits and I don’t have much vegetables in my diet. I would like to make sure that I am going to add more fruits and vegetables in my diet, while introducing different varieties.
  • I would like to make snacking less of an occurrence but that will be difficult since I am nursing my son.
  • I will also focus on buying and making less process foods.

I will be trying to achieve my goals and changes by meal prepping and monthly meal planning. I know that I am not going to be perfect and will have to be kind on myself but hope that I am also going to learn  to have discipline when it comes to my appetite.

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