I am 24!

I Turned 24 yesterday and I still don’t feel any older or different than when I was 23. I didn’t do anything special for my birthday but I did come up with this idea to mention 24 things about me, it will be full of random facts. 67456356_490014748400056_4827300514922233856_n

I am a Talker, I love talking and sometimes I don’t when to stop and I can be very blunt which can be awkward for people.

I love creating DIY Project, I will create designs but it seems that I can’t get to creating them, Lol! I have some building skills from working with my father on construction sites.

I grew up listening to oldies with grandpa and I still listen to them once in awhile except Polka, I do listen to Christian Rock, Techno, Dance, Pop, Israeli Messianic and such much more.

I can’t sit through a movie or TV show without doing something, I am also one of those people that will fast forward through awkward moments.

I love crime shows and SIFY : Perry Mason, Veronica Mars, NCIS and NCIS New Orleans and Mystery Movies if it isn’t Haunting.

I wanted to be a Navy Seal or a Police officer but wasn’t allowed so I signed up for Architect degree than changed to welding degree because I didn’t feel smart enough.

I love Sugary Treats but have highly sensitive teeth, I got sick and my gums were in major pain which caused my teeth to become extremely sensitive.

I am not a Feminist, I am more traditional and like to be more feminine.

I am a Republican, I can be very political when I talk to my family members.

I love French Parenting, I can talk about if for days. I enjoy different cultures on how they do things an the French for me has the right parenting techniques which helped me with my youngest.

I Enjoy baking bread, pies, sweet roll, cookies and cakes from scratch, I love the taste of fresh food from scratch without the preservatives.

I feel like I am living in the wrong time era, I wish that I was sometimes living in the 1600-1800’s just without all the diseases.

DC over Marvel  Comics, Maybe its because I find the Man of Steel Actor Kind of Cute but I find the DC to have a little bit of different story line for each movie they do. Marvel I sometimes can’t make sense of.

I have 2 Boys, My oldest is 2 1/2 years old and a 3 month old. I am blessed and content with my 2 boys and wouldn’t change it for anything.

I have One Pair of Cowboy boots,I got for my birthday 6 years ago for my birthday. They are my confident booster, the boots that say ‘I just don’t care what you think’ and have gotten me some hard times.

Bugs don’t freak me out but snakes give me the willies, bees will make nervous and when I get stung by one I scream.

Would love to travel the World, I wouldn’t mind traveling the world but its so expensive. Even living at different places would be cool.

Trying New Foods, I find trying new foods difficult for me and sometimes I buy foods to try and I completely ignore it.

Building our House, My and I built our house with friends and family. It wasn’t the first time I helped built the home I lived in, I helped my parents build their home when I was 14 years old. During that time I lived in a camper, learning how to change my clothes under a blanket and lived in a tent for a month. 

I was obsessed with Sign language and German, I got held back for math and it was the sign language teacher who was teaching math and so I got to learn sign language at a young age, I don’t remember it much since I haven’t used in a long time. I always wanted to learn German but had French and Spanish class both almost failed classes.

Proud of my heritage, I might have a small amount of Indian in me, but I am mighty proud of the blood line. I find that helps me connect to my ancestors and to be more American.

Steam Shows and Photography, grandpa took me to steam shows every year that I lived with my grandparents. He also made sure that I knew how to take pictures and it started with the old film camera’s. I enjoyed going to the steam shows to see the tractors, blacksmiths and old fashion anything.

Becoming Aware, This past year I have become more aware of the products I use in my house, the chemicals that are in cleaning products and beauty products. I have also been more aware of what ingredients are our food.

I hope that you Enjoyed my random 24 facts about me.


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