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I have 2 boys, the oldest is a 2 year old and the youngest is 2 months old. Each of those are independent to a point and normally don’t need mom for a lot of things but when my oldest wants me its when I am always “busy” on Instagram or Facebook. I thought that I would unload about Social Media about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Social Media

When social media was created in the early 2000’s (I was in elementary school), it was a place to connect to people that you normally don’t get to see on the daily basis. Before that was letters(I still like writing a letter to my grandma), phones calls, emails or you drive to see someone. I didn’t know what social media was until 2007 and that was when I got onto Facebook and Myspace, oh and a teen dating site.

It was a good concept for creating a social media platform, which was to connect with friends, family, co-workers and strangers you just met. You got to see family photos and updates that normally wouldn’t be able to get until a while later. You weren’t able to access social media without being at a computer that could connect to the internet at that time(sorry, no smartphones). So you still got out of the house and socialized with people without looking at your phones.

Now, we have smartphones with apps that you can check you social media accounts whenever you want., you take pictures and videos to upload so you can share to the world. It seems that everyone is on their phone checking notifications, liking pictures and post, tweeting about the next big thing, and seeing if your following is changing.

The Good

  • You can connect with family, friends, and strangers.
  • That you can share pictures and updates for family and the world about what is going on in your life.
  • It can be used to spread positivity, knowledge, laughter, and ministry
  • It can be used for business, ministry or just personal use.


The Bad

  • The bad thing is your opening up yourself for criticism and judgmental comments, which is normally what you don’t want.
  • It no longer feels authentic, you see more professional photos(anything that isn’t everyday life).
  • You are probably friends with people that seem to never let go of something, so you see it all the time on repeat.
  • Algorithm is messed up. I have around 300 friends on Facebook (I need to clean it up) and follow about 600 on Instagram and on both of them I see about 1/10 of the peoples post on any social media account.
  • Social Media is no longer just connecting, its for the ads and games, oh and tv shows (did we forget Netflix is out there). I don’t want to play Facebook game.





  • Judgement on overloaded to the point we don’t leave people alone.
  • We are longer content with what we have because we see what others have in pictures.
  • The Pressure of being perfect on Social Media can create self-esteem issues, body image issues and anxiety.
  • We don’t put the phones to just enjoy life around us. We don’t need photo’s to prove that we did something or videos that showed us having fun. Yes, its nice to have memories to look back on but once in a while its nice to disconnect.

Social Media and my Blog has become my ministry and business(non-paying side-hustle). I do this as an outlet but recently I have been so consumed with it that I forgot that I needed to focus on life. That my kids need me to be more present. I was getting frustrated over something that is not as important. Since my family is important. Social Media is used for good and bad and I hope that it isn’t consuming your life that you forgot what the Sky looked like.

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