Be Strong, Be Bold

Are you Strong? Are you Bold? Are you Afraid or Downhearted? We are called to be bold and strong to not be afraid or downhearted but what is talking about.


“Haven’t I ordered you, ‘Be Strong, Be Bold’? So don’t be afraid or downhearted, because Adonai your God is with you where ever you go.” Joshua 1:9

We are called to be strong and bold when it comes to our faith, to not be afraid in what we believe. We are guided by Elohim, if we are walking along with Him as we are on this Journey that he will not leave you to the wolves.

We might not be popular among friends and family, you might even be hated. That you might be hurt and lonely but remembering that you are following down a path that will Lead you to Elohim. That His message is unchanging, true and loving, the end result is eternity in Heaven. Heaven a place where there is no pain, hate, racism and propaganda. A harmony that only can happen without sin and that right now is not this place on Earth. Don’t be afraid of what the world might think of you especially if its the right message you are spreading.

For a long time, I was afraid of sharing what I believed, the new findings in the bible. I was afraid to stand up against many things that I found was harmful for I thought friends, family or strangers where going to go after me. It took me a long time to find my voice and now that I found I need to use it no matter what others think about it.

Are you Bold, Are you Strong? Don’t be Afraid!

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