Eating Sugar, Ending My Challenge

For 2 weeks I was doing a challenge of not consuming sugary treats during the week time. I learned a lot in those 2 weeks and I would like to share a couple things about my challenge.

I was going to do a whole month of this no sugary treats but after those 2 weeks I will not. Now I am not giving up because I feel that I can’t do this challenge any longer as maybe it is tough but just ending it for me really good reasons. Hear me out.

I did this challenge because all I was doing was eating anything sugary; candy, chocolate, sweet treats(deserts), and ice cream. I was not feeling the greatest and even gotten a sugar headache and hangover. I knew something had to change so hence this challenge. I am also breastfeeding and my son wasn’t getting the best nutrition from me and my oldest boy whom watches what mama does was gaining the bad habit. I was also not eating regular meals as I was eating treats all day.

The good from doing this challenge. I was learning to have determination to change my diet to get healthier, and that I have self-control. I have always struggled with this and now I feel that if I change things to make it work for me than I can still keep going on breaking the bad habit.

Here comes my reason for no longer keeping to the challenge. I was indulging way to much when it came to cheat days and I was feeling guilty for that. I was not changing the other part of my diet which was majorly need. I wasn’t creating and eating balance meals, which is what I will be focusing on instead. Since I mentioned that I was doing this challenge on my blog, which is a lesson learned. I felt guilty every time I ate something sweet or indulged because I stated I was doing this.

I found out that I was not drinking the amount of water that I was suppose to, actually I was dehydrated and that was why I was consuming so much sugar. I was able to focus on bringing up my amount of water that I was drinking which was 6/7 glasses a day that is 1 glasses short. I will be still working on that to make sure that I am hydrated.

This challenge did teach me a couple things but I am going to say goodbye to it. I do hope that I keep getting better with my diet and still eat less sugar but I do enjoy my sweet here and there.



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  1. I also have trouble with eating too much sugar, which I’m trying to stop. I agree that you change based on what you’re focusing on, so the change of focus seems like a great idea.

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