Social Media Break

Its the weekend and I am ready to have a social media break, taking time to rejuvenate from the internet world. I have done this a couple times and I have gone about a month away from social media and it was refreshing but I am not going to last that long.

I have been thinking about refreshing all my social media and making them more professional, since it has become more of a job than just cyberspace presence. With doing that I need to find a little bit of life out there in the real world. To take in some family time and maybe get a little bit of content at the same time.

I have noticed though as being in the social media world that I have been more interested in how many followers that I have gained or lost. I find that has been damaging to me to keep worrying about that. I haven’t looked at my count in awhile and felt great to know its not ask important but its still there at the back of my mind.

I will also be taking a break from the blog for the weekend. To not think about what I need to write to make sure I got content going up. On Sunday, I will be starting to do Sunday updates about what is going on in the family and what we have been doing. So stay tuned for that. I will also be trying to find a schedule next week and new ideas for content.

When Sundown hits, I will be shutting down! I am curious though from my readers, what is it that you do enjoy reading on my blog? Please comment down below. I have been debating on doing any parenting blog post or eliminate that all together.

Have a Great Weekend

Young Country Mama

2 thoughts on “Social Media Break

  1. This post makes me think that I should try a social media break. While I don’t actually participate on social media most of the time, I do go on it frequently and look at others’ content. Maybe next weekend I’ll take a short break myself.

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