Mr. Right

I never understood that one question that people ask when it comes during the time that you are dating someone for awhile. Is he the one? My husband and I had that discussion a couple times especially when it came to teaching this subject to my students for Church Youth Class.

Lindahl (12)


My husband Joel and I agreed that The One doesn’t actually exist, that there is more than one person out there that you could be compatible with. The ones that cross your path there could Mr. Right. So how did I know that Joel was the one? I have come up with Seven things (kinda like a Miley Cyrus Song) that I knew that Joel was the right man for me.

Didn’t think twice

When he asked me to marry him, I didn’t even think twice about saying yes. I also didn’t question our relationship while we were dating or engaged.

Didn’t want to change each other

I didn’t want to change him and he didn’t want to change me. We accepted every part of one another. We also didn’t expect anything out of each other that was unreasonable.

Same Goals 

We both wanted a person of the same faith, to date for goal of marriage, and we both wanted children. I don’t remember a lot of things that we were looking for but those were a major ones.


I am a very talkative person, and I can talk to anyone but when it comes to my feeling I could not tell anyone. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I could talk to Joel and that he listened. I was comfortable enough to do a lot of things and not feel embarrassed.


There was a situation that both got Joel and I upset and frustrated. We were confused at what to do, but Joel said why don’t we pray about it. I knew that Elohim was going to be part of this relationship.

Past is the Past

I have a messy past and my husband excepted it. He never brings it up and doesn’t make me feel bad about it.

Stood By Me

When I was dealing with Anxiety, he stood by me and even though he didn’t know exactly what to do. He still listened and held me which helped me calm down.

Seven things that stood out to me when I was dating to my husband and while I was engaged to him that made me know he was Mr. Right.

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