Health Diary Week 2

There was a couple days that I wanted to write this and post it, I didn’t know if I should wait a couple days after the first week was done to see how they weekend went and I also had to do some figuring out to make it easier this second week.I did wait since I wanted to write how it went with having some sugar during the weekend.

This whole no sugar challenge is by far the toughest that I have ever done but as I am doing it is the one of the best challenges that I am doing. I am making sure that I am taking care of my health and being a good example for my son who loves sugary treats.

There was only one day that I had caved which I had half a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup. I managed to skip the dessert line at church and a wedding, that was pretty tough since they all looked so darn great.

On Friday, I talked to my midwife about my issue with sugar and what I was doing. I also asked how much water I was to be drinking and was told that it was to be a gallon a day. I was shocked because I was only drinking two to four glasses a day( a tumbler equals 2 glasses) so for me I wasn’t drinking enough and was contributing for me eating a lot of sugar.

Every day I had to remind myself that I needed to drink lots of water and to skip on the sugar, I was struggling because it was a habit that I needed to break. The next day after eating ice cream I didn’t seem to have any struggle with sugar. Friday though which I made it to be a “cheat day” I had way to much sugar which also went into Saturday.

Saturday when I ate my dessert that I made, I actually couldn’t stand the taste of the dessert. I had to much of it and wanted to through it all out. I knew that I needed to keep going with this challenge and I am changing it a little bit since I created the challenge for myself.

I still want one or two days to have a break from the challenge. I will be doing it from Sunday to Friday afternoon. We make a special meal on Friday that I would like a small dessert to bring in the weekend. I will be pushing my water intake since I did feel much better with drinking about 7 glasses a day that I was getting in my system. I will be trying to make more balanced meals to incorporate in our diets.

I will say that I did go from eating sugar to having chips which is another weakness that actually makes me wish it was sugar. I will be trying to find a way of making healthier snacks and stay away from both of them.

Lets see if next week will be better!

Young Country Mama

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