Overcoming Anxiety!

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A Couple weeks ago, I talked about my Battle With Anxiety , that was my toughest personal post for me to write. Today I am going to write about what helped me overcome about 80% of my anxiety. The reason I say 80% is because I am not perfect and I have my moments but I am able to have more control over it.

I had mentioned what causes my anxiety, and seeing how it built up to the point that it was becoming destructive in my life.  It took me a long time and hashing out what was causing my anxiety to finally to live my life as it should be. Lets see what helped me get overcome anxiety!

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Reading the Bible and Praying

Spending time with Yeshua, telling him all your worries and Fears. It lets him bare the burdens that are in your life and to not feel alone in your journey.

Limiting or Eliminating Toxic friends and toxic lifestyle

I have heard recently that you should not walk away from the toxic friends but to witness to them. When it comes to your mental health, I believe that it is better to walk away from the toxic behavior and lifestyle.

Surrounding yourself with supportive People

Finding Supportive Friends to give you support that you need and sound advice to make sure you are on the right track. I also believe that it should be people that also don’t let you lean on them for everything but to tell you the truth when it is needed.

 Talking or writing down what is happening or your feelings

Bottling up your feelings for too long is a playground for the anxiety. The anxiety feeds off of your feelings/worries/fears. When you tell someone what is on your mind and how you feel it can’t breed off of that all the time.

Fitness & Healthy Eating

When working out, a happy hormone is released which can help with anxiety. When I started going to the gym it was a great distraction from all the problems that I was dealing with that was bothering me. I was able to push myself which was to say that I can and will be strong.

Eating healthy helps fuel your body to have the energy. I have noticed when I am constantly eating junk food, I struggle more with my insecurities which was one of the causes of my anxiety.

Remove yourself From Drama

Oh the Drama, my life was constantly filled with Drama. The stress from the drama was dragging me down. I was always frustrated how the drama would play out and what it did or didn’t do to my life or how it effected friendship/relationships. Its nice not being part of drama, listening to what someone did or didn’t do.

Find what makes you Happy

Finding what makes you happy; a degree,job, a hobby or adventures that you want to take. Don’t forget that you are a person and you need to do what makes you happy in life. I believe that Elohim wanted us to be sad unhappy humans but Happy individuals and to celebrate life.

Taking Control of Yourself

You have the right to have opinions of your own and to make decisions that comes to your life like the ones I mentioned previously. I am not saying that you need to be rebels if you are still in high-school, even at that age you can choice the sports or extra curriculum that you want to be in.

As an adult, you are to take control of your decisions, to figure out what you want in life. Being able to stand on your own to feet and when people tell you how to live, you tell them no since its not their life.

Stop Being a People Pleaser

I was a major people pleaser which caused a lot of issues for me. Once I stopped pleasing people and telling them what they wanted to hear or what I thought what they wanted to hear, I became happier. You don’t need to always please people, always putting their likes, happiness, and needs above your own.

It isn’t always your place to make sure they are happy, they need to make sure that they are happy and take care of their well being. I am talking about the unhealthy amount which I am not talking about being a mom and being married.

Finding and Accepting Your Purpose

I kept searching for my purpose as mom, feeling that I was missing something of myself. I looked around my home and realized that my purpose was to take care of my home and family, that I didn’t need to keep searching for what Yeshua had already placed in front of me. Once I accepted my purpose, I felt relief wash over me.

Stop believing in the Lies

When my anxiety attacks would hit me, it was a lot of lies flooding through my mind. I would believe those lies and it was destroying who I was. As I stopped believing those lies, I was being set free from the destruction. When those lies do come tumbling that I have to remind myself that I am not going to fall for them.

Decluttering Your life and Space

When you have a cluttered life and home, it becomes overwhelming and frustrating. It seems that you can’t get your life together when you always walk around the mess. If your life seems cluttered with stuff that you have to do that it keeps you running from one place to another then its times to find out what is or isn’t necessary in your life. Time to say goodbye to the mess that you have to constantly clean up and organizing. Since I have moved into my house 2 years ago, I have gone through lots of decluttering around the home. I have felt lighter each time that I have taken a trunk full of things to the thrift store.

I am proud how far I have come from finding out that I was dealing with Anxiety. I am glad that I found out what helped me and I hope that It could possibly help you. You are not alone in your fight and you don’t have to let it control your life.

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