Abortion: Let’s Talk

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I decided that this conversations isn’t going away anytime soon. I wasn’t going to talk about it on my blog but feel that I have an opinion and thoughts that need to be shared. I am far beyond sick of this topic. A topic that has become another agent of dividing people in this country. I have seen both sides be extreme, and dangerous. I have noticed hate on both sides for the other groups.

My Stance

It isn’t my place to judge another person and their decision. I feel that a good healthy conversation and debate is great for people to understand one another. As I dive into this please be kind since this is my opinion and thoughts on this topic.

I am Pro-life, I believe that life starts at conception. I have gone through two pregnancies, I have heard the heartbeat which to me means life. I have felt the kicks and movements and hiccups. My boys inside my womb were so active just like they are outside my womb. I have seen the ultrasounds and felt the joy of having my boys in my life and wouldn’t want it any other way.

I believe that each women has their own choice on what to do with their bodies. If you take people rights away, they will find another way to get what they want. Before abortions became legal, women where going to the back alley clinics to get it done and to me that is more dangerous. I feel that if a women needs to have abortion due to incest or rape, than she should have that option.

I have done extensive research in middle school on abortion. Reading about 20 books on the topic, what I read on abortion is gruesome. How it can damage the women both mentally and physically not just tearing a baby from the womb. I am not going into details of what I found out but it has been ingrained in me to believe the way I do.

I don’t believe abortions is the solution to all your problems (except ones that were out of your control). Getting pregnant because you had unprotected sex, well take the responsibility for actions. I believe that if their is two people having consented sex than they both have a say in what happens with the child. It is much the man’s child has the women’s. “It takes two to tango.”

I also don’t think that doctors should push abortion when ultrasounds show that something is wrong with the baby or even mention that as the first option. I also don’t think that abortion should be used if you find out that the child has genetic differences that are not normal.

Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, and Pro-Abortion.Yes i mentioned Pro-Abortion and for the reason it needs to be placed out there. I have watched videos of women who are for abortion and praise the fact they had it as people are praising her. I think its different than the original titles.

What I have not seen is other options or talks that needs to be started. Ways we can make abortion the last option necessary.

Sex Education

Maybe its time we make sex education a priority in schools, properly educating young tween/teens about their bodies and sex. To have more classes instead of one special class and be done with it. In other countries sex education is started in elementary school and they have lower unplanned pregnancies in teens, and I don’t mean having inappropriate pictures or videos for them to look at.

Birth Control

Lowering the cost of birth control, making it easier for women to obtain them. Birth control isn’t just to prevent pregnancy but does help many women with different issues. The fact that birth control is no longer covered by insurances, means that if you need it than it should be available at a lower cost.

Cost of Adoption

Lowering the cost of adoption. The cost to adopt a child can be as much as buying a new car, that’s outrageous. I believe that is hindering many families from adopting a child which would have been able to get them out of the foster system.

Child Care

I understand that taking care of someone else’s child is hard work and those that take care of those children all day every day should get payed. I think that the cost of taking care of a child has gotten expensive to the point that it doesn’t make sense to go back to work. So When It comes to women who needs to work or go to college, I think that childcare cost should be lowered so women can go to work or college.

I didn’t mention  abstinence  for a reason and that is not everyone believes in that. I will say I didn’t wait until marriage and I can’t preach it. 

It is difficult to be pregnant, to give birth and to be a parent but I find that to be part of life. I feel that we are to take responsibility of our actions and yes it changes your life and your body. I think that we need to have talks about making it easier to make abortion the last option to take. That there should be other options for men and women to take. I didn’t touch on everything that could be changed but I feel that this is a good way to start a good conversation.

Young Country Mama

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