Health and Fitness Journal

Day 1

I decided that I was going to start writing down my journey on how I am getting healthy after giving birth. It has been 6 weeks since I gave birth to my little man and I am struggling. This is a repeat of the first time being postpartum with my oldest.

I love sugar; candy, chocolate, sodas(not as much), sweat treats and deserts. I have gone through a bag of mini baking m&m’s in a week. I have made cookie dough these past couple days and almost every day I have eaten three ice cream sandwiches. Last night, I took a hot shower and I started feeling sick/dizzy and this morning I have a little bit of a headache(doesn’t hurt kind). I don’t know if it is because of my hormones that I just craves these things but it seems I have no self-control and it bothers me.

I notice that I eat when I am bored, stressed or tired. I also know that it isn’t healthy for me. I want to be a good example for my boys when it comes to eating food, to show that eating healthy meals are better than eating treats any day. That when it comes to treats that it should be just that a treat not every single day. I want to have my energy back, to feel and look better. I am nursing my little man and I don’t think that through my milk he should be getting sugar.

My Goals

  • During the week to cut out anything sugary; candy, chocolates, soda, sweet treats or deserts. To have it once a week as a treat.
  • To learn how to have balance hearty meals. I am nourishing a child so I need to be able to eat for that.
  • To add more vegetables and fruits in my diet.
  • To make sure that I am drinking the required classes of water a day.
  • To eliminate snack time.

Tomorrow I am going to my 6 week appointment to get off my full restrictions. I have already got permission at 3 week appointment to do light weightlifting. Since that time I have only gotten to the gym about 2 times but when I did go it felt good. I will be going by a workout plan that is for weightlifting. We will be trying to go about 3x a week and if I don’t make it, than I will be getting outside and chopping wood or do workouts at home.

61454400_2118095261815525_4042595880975466496_nMy measurements

Bust- 34″, Waist- 27″, Belly button- 32″, Hip- 35″, Thighs- 17″, Biceps- 7″

With my health and fitness journey, I will be doing a weekly updates, it is to help me be accountable. I am going to be real and raw about the ups and downs. Lets see what it will look like at the end of June and see if it made a big difference in my life.

Young Country Mama

One Income!

How do I do it? We live on one income for the past 2 years and still manage to pay off one debt. It took me two years to learn what I know now on how to live on one income, how to make the money go far and how it taught me a couple lessons.Living on One Income (1)

When I became a stay at home mom, I had a lot to learn about money in general. It also changed my mindset on money in so many ways. I was very nervous about living on one income with taking care of a newborn child and thinking that I will be forced to go back to work because it might not work.

So how am are we able to do it?

NO CREDIT CARDS- Its has saved us from going into unnecessary debt. I was told that when my husband and I got married that I needed to have a credit card so that we have a credit score. I had one credit card but that was to a Victoria Secret store and I had paid that off and never used it again after that. My husband never had a credit or debit card before and he still doesn’t.

Save- We save about 1/3 or 2/3 of my husbands paycheck, especially for break up or wet season that there is no paycheck  coming in weeks at a time or a month.

Meal Plan- This has helped cut our grocery bill in half. We are getting foods that are part of the meal that is planned instead of just buying random food products. Sometimes I will be getting very little food since I am using mostly what is at home, other times we will have a huge grocery haul to fill up the cabinets, fridge and freezer. Either way we are saving ourselves money.

Thrift Store Shopping- I shop at Goodwill and Once Upon a Child for my clothes and my children. I usually put a cap on how much I spend at each store and on each person so I am staying in budget. I used to hate shopping at thrift stores but I have found some amazing buys in good conditions that would be difficult to find in some stores.

I don’t buy everything at the thrift store, but it is my first place to look for clothes. If I  don’t find what I am looking for at the store, than I search the stores and hope to find deals in the process. There is certain items that I just go right to Target or Walmart for.

Minimalist Mindset– When I first learned about minimalism, I had been buying things that are not useful to us or necessary. I no longer buy to many things that are just going to fill our house with stuff that isn’t for us or needed. This helps me not spend to much money.

DIY- I try to do DIY projects that use materials around the property and if we don’t have the material but want to do the project, we then go to the store. We do have a store up amount of boards, logs and extra material that will help me do a project, and actually furniture that I can up-cycle. With having material around to use, we are able to save money.

Cheap Dates-We don’t go to movie theater, bowling, or expensive restaurants. When it comes to date nights, we are going to a nice but lower priced restaurant so Olive Garden is our go-to. We then just go to do some shopping on the side of town that we normally don’t go to. When we go on dates it is probably once a month.

Limited Subscriptions,Contracts and memberships-  Both my husband and I use prepaid phones, for us that has saved us money. When it comes to tv, we use Roku and have a couple channel subscriptions, one of them is a annual pay and the other is a small in monthly payments. We have limited magazine subscriptions since its rare for us to read all of them. We do have a gym membership and something that we make sure to have.

When it comes to buying vehicles they are used. If there is something that someone is no longer using in the family but in good condition either we get it for free or we pay a small amount for it.

We have been able to pay off the debt and save money at the same time. We have limited amount of bills and utilities to pay.

What has being on One Income Taught me? I grew up with a different mentality about money that wasn’t healthy. Money to me, was tricky place in our home growing up, not that we grew up poor and had to scrap by. As a teen who didn’t have a paying job, I had a job but the money went to school but I still needed to have some cash for gas and necessities but when ever I asked my parents it seemed that it was pulling teeth and was frustrating.

When we got married, I thought that what my husband was earning was his money and that I should not touch it. We had two different bank accounts and I cringed every time I asked my husband for money for anything. It took me about a year after my son was born and being on one income to be comfortable spending the money he earned. I stopped thinking that it was only his money and that it was our money, he is working for it at work but I am also working on taking care of the children and our home. That the money is buying the things to help run our house and feed us.

Everything that I mentioned that we do is something that I wasn’t good at doing before, I was really bad at budgeting, and really good at shopping at the mall. I now more conscious of the money that comes in and how much I spend. I actually do not budget out the money that my husband spends or has in his wallet.

If you are thinking about Living on one income, I hope these ideas are helpful to make that happen.

Young Country Mama

Outdoor Projects

Summer Time, well not officially but sure feels like it. The sun is out and the day is warm especially here in Wisconsin. When it feels like summer than you got to pull out all the summer projects and in hope of at least finishing one of them. So outdoor living, here we come!!!


For awhile now I have been wanting to put a garden closer to our home, and today it somehow happened.My husband and his father wasn’t able to go to work, they decided to get my garden done so we could go to Menards to pick up some plants.

I will like to mention that we live on the same property as my in-laws and the family business. We have a lot of traffic that happens around our house, we built were a lot of vehicles and machines turn around. Its normal to have a dump truck or a skidders parked in front of our home. Since there is a lot of traffic, it is hard to have a permanent garden or play area close to the front of our house and not much of a backyard.


With this challenge, my husband figured out that their was a place we could put a raised garden and a sand box. The place we put it, is where we have some strange weeds that are giants, it can get up to 6 feet and are the look and feel of bamboo. So as I am thinking about this, I am worried that these weeds will come through the tarp that we put down to prevent weeds but will see.

This raised garden bed, is made out of logs that have been on the property, and had been cut down to size and notched to sit on top of each other nicely. We took dirt and piled it on the sides of the logs to fill in the gaping holes and my husband leveled out the dirt that is our base. 61613734_2401794683397238_4039164687437266944_n We took an old tarp that is good for nothing other than the dump, we cut it down to size and we layered it on the ground for weed protection. As you can tell its a family affair, grandpa, dad and son. I also had our little baby in his swing right behind me while we were working on this project. 61481058_447814825765248_2048520703782682624_n

After we got the tarp down, I got busy so their isn’t any pictures that are of us putting down a layer of sawdust, dirt and black dirt. Which is now to the brim and it was great outdoor work. My son did help us at many of the stages until he got bored and decided to wander off until my husband set him in the flatbed of an old truck sitting right by the garden.


This is the finishing product, I am very pleased with how it turned out especially since I wasn’t part of the planning process and it was on a whim. That is how it goes around here and my husband and father-n-law does a great job on the projects.


My son will be the happiest, we created a sandbox for him by my garden. That one is out of an old tire that came of a tractor. We also put a tarp down to help with the massive weeds, and then we placed sand in this tire. Sadly, my father-n-law had to mention that we might find Reggie sunbathing. Reggie is an “adopted” 6 foot garden snack, how he managed to get that big I am not sure, I am afraid of snakes.


I am glad that my son was able to help with this project, while they were working on the tire project. I had to put our little boy in his bassinet for a good nap. So I stayed close to the house with the window, I was able to hear him if he needed me. I worked on a cabinet shelf to join it twin in the bathroom.


I am happy how far we have gotten in the outdoor projects and their is so much more coming. I can’t wait to share it with you all, as the summer goes on. I am excited to be outside with my little boys and play with them and work. I am also excited on planting vegetables and learning to cook and eat them.

Young Country Mama


Overcoming Anxiety!

Hey Lovelies,

A Couple weeks ago, I talked about my Battle With Anxiety , that was my toughest personal post for me to write. Today I am going to write about what helped me overcome about 80% of my anxiety. The reason I say 80% is because I am not perfect and I have my moments but I am able to have more control over it.

I had mentioned what causes my anxiety, and seeing how it built up to the point that it was becoming destructive in my life.  It took me a long time and hashing out what was causing my anxiety to finally to live my life as it should be. Lets see what helped me get overcome anxiety!

_Don't worry about anythingon the contrary, make your request known (1)

Reading the Bible and Praying

Spending time with Yeshua, telling him all your worries and Fears. It lets him bare the burdens that are in your life and to not feel alone in your journey.

Limiting or Eliminating Toxic friends and toxic lifestyle

I have heard recently that you should not walk away from the toxic friends but to witness to them. When it comes to your mental health, I believe that it is better to walk away from the toxic behavior and lifestyle.

Surrounding yourself with supportive People

Finding Supportive Friends to give you support that you need and sound advice to make sure you are on the right track. I also believe that it should be people that also don’t let you lean on them for everything but to tell you the truth when it is needed.

 Talking or writing down what is happening or your feelings

Bottling up your feelings for too long is a playground for the anxiety. The anxiety feeds off of your feelings/worries/fears. When you tell someone what is on your mind and how you feel it can’t breed off of that all the time.

Fitness & Healthy Eating

When working out, a happy hormone is released which can help with anxiety. When I started going to the gym it was a great distraction from all the problems that I was dealing with that was bothering me. I was able to push myself which was to say that I can and will be strong.

Eating healthy helps fuel your body to have the energy. I have noticed when I am constantly eating junk food, I struggle more with my insecurities which was one of the causes of my anxiety.

Remove yourself From Drama

Oh the Drama, my life was constantly filled with Drama. The stress from the drama was dragging me down. I was always frustrated how the drama would play out and what it did or didn’t do to my life or how it effected friendship/relationships. Its nice not being part of drama, listening to what someone did or didn’t do.

Find what makes you Happy

Finding what makes you happy; a degree,job, a hobby or adventures that you want to take. Don’t forget that you are a person and you need to do what makes you happy in life. I believe that Elohim wanted us to be sad unhappy humans but Happy individuals and to celebrate life.

Taking Control of Yourself

You have the right to have opinions of your own and to make decisions that comes to your life like the ones I mentioned previously. I am not saying that you need to be rebels if you are still in high-school, even at that age you can choice the sports or extra curriculum that you want to be in.

As an adult, you are to take control of your decisions, to figure out what you want in life. Being able to stand on your own to feet and when people tell you how to live, you tell them no since its not their life.

Stop Being a People Pleaser

I was a major people pleaser which caused a lot of issues for me. Once I stopped pleasing people and telling them what they wanted to hear or what I thought what they wanted to hear, I became happier. You don’t need to always please people, always putting their likes, happiness, and needs above your own.

It isn’t always your place to make sure they are happy, they need to make sure that they are happy and take care of their well being. I am talking about the unhealthy amount which I am not talking about being a mom and being married.

Finding and Accepting Your Purpose

I kept searching for my purpose as mom, feeling that I was missing something of myself. I looked around my home and realized that my purpose was to take care of my home and family, that I didn’t need to keep searching for what Yeshua had already placed in front of me. Once I accepted my purpose, I felt relief wash over me.

Stop believing in the Lies

When my anxiety attacks would hit me, it was a lot of lies flooding through my mind. I would believe those lies and it was destroying who I was. As I stopped believing those lies, I was being set free from the destruction. When those lies do come tumbling that I have to remind myself that I am not going to fall for them.

Decluttering Your life and Space

When you have a cluttered life and home, it becomes overwhelming and frustrating. It seems that you can’t get your life together when you always walk around the mess. If your life seems cluttered with stuff that you have to do that it keeps you running from one place to another then its times to find out what is or isn’t necessary in your life. Time to say goodbye to the mess that you have to constantly clean up and organizing. Since I have moved into my house 2 years ago, I have gone through lots of decluttering around the home. I have felt lighter each time that I have taken a trunk full of things to the thrift store.

I am proud how far I have come from finding out that I was dealing with Anxiety. I am glad that I found out what helped me and I hope that It could possibly help you. You are not alone in your fight and you don’t have to let it control your life.

Young Country Mama



Abortion: Let’s Talk

Hey Lovelies,

I decided that this conversations isn’t going away anytime soon. I wasn’t going to talk about it on my blog but feel that I have an opinion and thoughts that need to be shared. I am far beyond sick of this topic. A topic that has become another agent of dividing people in this country. I have seen both sides be extreme, and dangerous. I have noticed hate on both sides for the other groups.

My Stance

It isn’t my place to judge another person and their decision. I feel that a good healthy conversation and debate is great for people to understand one another. As I dive into this please be kind since this is my opinion and thoughts on this topic.

I am Pro-life, I believe that life starts at conception. I have gone through two pregnancies, I have heard the heartbeat which to me means life. I have felt the kicks and movements and hiccups. My boys inside my womb were so active just like they are outside my womb. I have seen the ultrasounds and felt the joy of having my boys in my life and wouldn’t want it any other way.

I believe that each women has their own choice on what to do with their bodies. If you take people rights away, they will find another way to get what they want. Before abortions became legal, women where going to the back alley clinics to get it done and to me that is more dangerous. I feel that if a women needs to have abortion due to incest or rape, than she should have that option.

I have done extensive research in middle school on abortion. Reading about 20 books on the topic, what I read on abortion is gruesome. How it can damage the women both mentally and physically not just tearing a baby from the womb. I am not going into details of what I found out but it has been ingrained in me to believe the way I do.

I don’t believe abortions is the solution to all your problems (except ones that were out of your control). Getting pregnant because you had unprotected sex, well take the responsibility for actions. I believe that if their is two people having consented sex than they both have a say in what happens with the child. It is much the man’s child has the women’s. “It takes two to tango.”

I also don’t think that doctors should push abortion when ultrasounds show that something is wrong with the baby or even mention that as the first option. I also don’t think that abortion should be used if you find out that the child has genetic differences that are not normal.

Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, and Pro-Abortion.Yes i mentioned Pro-Abortion and for the reason it needs to be placed out there. I have watched videos of women who are for abortion and praise the fact they had it as people are praising her. I think its different than the original titles.

What I have not seen is other options or talks that needs to be started. Ways we can make abortion the last option necessary.

Sex Education

Maybe its time we make sex education a priority in schools, properly educating young tween/teens about their bodies and sex. To have more classes instead of one special class and be done with it. In other countries sex education is started in elementary school and they have lower unplanned pregnancies in teens, and I don’t mean having inappropriate pictures or videos for them to look at.

Birth Control

Lowering the cost of birth control, making it easier for women to obtain them. Birth control isn’t just to prevent pregnancy but does help many women with different issues. The fact that birth control is no longer covered by insurances, means that if you need it than it should be available at a lower cost.

Cost of Adoption

Lowering the cost of adoption. The cost to adopt a child can be as much as buying a new car, that’s outrageous. I believe that is hindering many families from adopting a child which would have been able to get them out of the foster system.

Child Care

I understand that taking care of someone else’s child is hard work and those that take care of those children all day every day should get payed. I think that the cost of taking care of a child has gotten expensive to the point that it doesn’t make sense to go back to work. So When It comes to women who needs to work or go to college, I think that childcare cost should be lowered so women can go to work or college.

I didn’t mention  abstinence  for a reason and that is not everyone believes in that. I will say I didn’t wait until marriage and I can’t preach it. 

It is difficult to be pregnant, to give birth and to be a parent but I find that to be part of life. I feel that we are to take responsibility of our actions and yes it changes your life and your body. I think that we need to have talks about making it easier to make abortion the last option to take. That there should be other options for men and women to take. I didn’t touch on everything that could be changed but I feel that this is a good way to start a good conversation.

Young Country Mama