1 Week Update!!

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Hey Family,

I thought it would be great for me to write a weekly update on my postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and the Baby. The baby updates will be weekly until he turns a month old, then it will be monthly updates. I will be mentioning the ups and downs plus also the products that have been working for us and helped with the recoveries.


Baby Update

Lets start with the little one, Jake was 7 lbs and 8 oz, 21 in long, he did drop in weight to 6 lbs 12 oz when he was weighed 2 days later but went back up to 7 lbs 1 oz. He didn’t have any jaundice and passed all the other test. He is a noisy sleeper and took a long time to adjust to sleeping at night (normal in babies), he also has more hiccups than I have ever seen in a baby. He sleeps most of the day but is awake for a little bit.

I was shocked when he was born on how different he looks from his older brother Adam. He has brown hair, dark eyes (we can’t tell what color it is yet) and his skin is a lot darker. Yes, he is my husbands child(hubby joked about that).

I did forget that we would be going through a lot of clothes, since he poops and pees a lot. For the past couple days we have slowed down. Our favorite diapers that we have been using on both the boys that is working well for newborns is the Hello Bello brand from Walmart.

He doesn’t like to be swaddled up, if we do need to swaddle  his hands have to be free to move. We have been doing the baby wrap and it has been working really great for us, especially for walks and going to the store with both boys.


We started off rocky,our little boy didn’t want to nurse in the hospital. When we got home from the hospital he got better at nursing. Along with the normal discomforts of nursing, the contractions were down right painful for about 4 days. Both discomforts have lessened and I am getting used to someone feeding off of me again. I am hungrier than when I was pregnant.

I am using Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream by Earth Mama, to help with cracks and discomfort of nursing. It smelled weird to me at first but I have also gotten used to that.

I tried using nursing bras but absolutely hate them, they didn’t have any support for me and so I am back to using the bras that I had before my first boy was born and worked during the time I nursed him.

*I am hoping that I do get my little man on a schedule instead of always on demand. I dealt with my oldest spitting up all the time and it was a lot of milk coming back up.



The day I went into labor I weight at 145 lbs 4.5 oz and at 1 week postpartum I weighed at 128 lbs. I am healing pretty well down there, and the bleeding has subsided quite a lot. I have had a lot of energy since giving birth and very glad for that. I also gained my sweet tooth back and will be trying to have some self-control so I don’t go overboard. I am trying to take it slow in what I am doing, my mind and body want to push myself which could be hard for me in the long run.

Herbal Perineal Spray by Earth Mama  This is a great product that has help me with healing, this spray has replaced multiple products. I like that it is natural and not full of chemicals that shouldn’t be on my body.

I have been using the Belly Bandit to help me with back support, bring down my belly to be near what it was before getting pregnant. It has also helped with my confidence.

My goal is to started walking a couple times a week, to meal prep and to start meal planning some healthier meals. Hopefully around 4 weeks I can start doing some light weight lifting but until then I will not be pushing myself just yet.

Mentally I am doing great and adjusting to the changes pretty well along with being less frustrated since this is my second little boy that things are not new to me.

How my oldest son is handling it all!

At first my oldest boy was a little bit overwhelming with some much love he was giving his brother, he is alright with the changes as us bringing his little brother home. He is a little bit jealous and will need to find a way that I can spend some more time with my oldest among taking care of the baby, home and blogging. He is calming down on how much he wants to be with the baby which I like, he does want to pick up the baby(I have always interceded) and wants to always have the baby on his lap.

That is all for this weeks update and I hope that you enjoyed a little bit of what is happening in our family! Stay tuned for next weeks update and see how the little boy is doing!

Thank You For Reading

Young Country Mama


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