Our Family Has Grown!

Hey Everyone,

Last week we added a new member of the family and no its not a puppy. The newest member sleeps, poops, and eats a lot. On Thursday April 18th we had our little boy Jake. I waited 9 long months to meet this little man! 57650863_660728807711997_6893387836809019392_n

I will say that we are adjusting a little better than I thought would happen. It is definitely different this time around bring a baby home, since we have a toddler. My son is attached to his little brother or was when we first brought him home, he has mellowed out a bit. He wants to help out with everything and it was overwhelming for me at first.

I thought that I wasn’t able to get things done after coming home and will say that some things are piled up but I have been able to tackle a couple of the chores. I have been so antsy lately and I have a lot of energy compared to before giving birth. I feel that my body is adjusting to life, and seems to hurt less than before. I will be visiting my chiropractor for a well deserved adjustment.

Since I have a toddler that tells me when he has a dirty or wet diaper, that it is easier to know when I need to change his diaper. He also lets me know what he wants or if he is hungry/thirsty. I forgot that I have to be more on top of it with a newborn and I have to check if he has a wet/dirty diaper, if he is hungry and to make sure to always support his head.

It will take me a little time to adjust to everything, like handling a toddler and a new born everyday. Managing the home and keeping it semi clean. To get used to nursing again. To be able to except what my body looks like now. It is a lot to take in and I am trying to slow myself down a little before I mentally crash.

I don’t think I will be leaving the house like I used to and wish that our local Walmart had that grocery pickup to make my life a little easier.

I will like to say that I am happy that I am no longer pregnant and that my little boy is in my arms. I will mention that I was having difficulties being pregnant due to pinch nerves in my hips, an extremely painful spot on my belly, general discomforts and my love/hate relationship with being pregnant.

With this new addition the family, you will be seeing more of our journey on here. I will be writing about the Labor and Delivery, postpartum and baby updates, breastfeeding journey and anything baby/toddler related that is happening around our home. I hope that you are able to join me on our new adventure that will be happening.

Young Country Mama

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