Weekend In Wisconsin!

I believe that there is a thing called Staycation which honestly I have never heard of until a year ago!! I must have never been on a real vacation my whole by the definition of Staycation. We live by La Crosse Wisconsin by the Mississippi River and we needed to take a trip to the other side of Wisconsin around Green Bay for my Great Grandpa’s 100th Birthday Party!

We decided that we would head to church for sabbath school so my son could run of some of his never ending energy. He fell asleep about an ½ hour into our drive while I was reading a book series, he woke up by Wild Rose Wisconsin were always stop at a cute little park, it has a small lake that you can walk around. There is my favorite red building that makes the place extra picturesque. We ate our packed lunch and my husband walked with our son to get some exercise.

We had an hour to go to get to my great grandpa’s house and we were running late, which happens when you have a toddler to take care of. We got to the party as some of the family members were leaving, We got some of our pictures taken and then I was able to visit with some many family members that I haven’t seen in a long time!

To get our second destination, we had to drive over an hour which we had drive through some beautiful Indian Reservations. Our little man did O.K. on this drive, he didn’t like the sun being so bright but he was refusing to use the baseball correctly, which in the end he was whiny.

We got to the town meeting up with our friends, we ate a really yummy Mexican restaurant, the whole time our son was hyper. We got to the hotel room which we changed and headed to the pool. The pool was cooler than I thought and so we all enjoyed having our feet in hot tub, our son was in and out of that water so he wouldn’t get over heated. He is still not a huge fan of the big pools which makes this mama not able to enjoy the water as much as she likes. Swim diapers are a joke no matter what brand, my husband was carrying him to the pool and ended up with a big wet spot on his shirt. 

I took our son up to our room and got him in the tub to wash off the chlorine and get him settled down for bedtime. He didn’t want to get out of the tub, I was able to visit with my friend a little while he was playing.

My Son is not but is ready to be potty trained. He also confuses poop and fart so when we check it seems that we 1 out of 5 it is actually poop. When he was in the tub he kept saying poop and I asked him if he needed to get out to go and he told me no, and i thought that he just farted. Ha I was wrong, floaters all over the tub which was the grossest thing for me to clean up and I don’t mind dirty diapers. I didn’t take a shower after that.

Our friends went back to there house and we tried to get our little hyper man to sleep because giving him a bath did not relax him. He was running around crazy, sorry to those below us! We got him into bed and I am glad that bed was big because that kid is the wiggliest child in his sleep which woke me up and kept me awake in the middle of the night for a couple hours. He did take a little bit before he crashed and he didn’t want to wake up in the morning (which isn’t normal). I love cuddling with my boy but I do not like co-sleeping!

We ate, packed our bags and then drove to Fleet Farm to see what they had, our friends met up with us so we got to see them one more time. I forget my phone in the cart when we left, when I noticed I was able to go back and find it right away.  It didn’t take long for our son to be asleep in the car and stay that way for a couple hours until we got to Tomah WI. He was ready to get out of the car so when it came to a McDonald’s he was happy to be out of the car. When we got home he was excited to be around things that he knew and people that are normal to him.

Our son didn’t eat much when we stopped at places, he did have a lot of peanut butter cookies or his other favorite snacks that were in the car. He did play a little bit with his toys but was happy to be cuddling with his favorite blankets. I did pack extra things for him so we did have an accident that we wouldn’t be at a loss, gladly we didn’t have to use them. I did pack extra for my husband as well but I manage to skip on that for myself and lacked a couple things. I think our trip went really well, Sadly I didn’t take pictures because I was being the navigator for my husband on the way home and a book reader on the way there. I thought that we could travel light but we were able save some money on this trip, by planning out a little bit.

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