Bible Challenge Into Daily Habit

I did a 20 Day Bible Reading Challenge! To see if I could start a good Habit that would help my relationship with God. Lets see how it has changed me!


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December 9th, 2018- Was the day that I started my 20 Day Bible Reading Challenge, I found the plan online and wrote it down in a notebook to check off and in my planner. I started having my Devotional time during the morning whenever my son was on my lap watching TV, I was able to concentrate on the reading even with the distractions. It wasn’t as hard as I thinking it would be with a toddler.

I kept going after the challenge ended, which has helped me created a good habit. The beginning of each month I have written down my reading plan that I would find on Pinterest on a sheet of paper and in my planner (just in case I lose the paper). Since I started the challenge to this day, I have only missed two days which is new for me, I will catch up on the days that I miss along with the day I am on.

I started the reading challenge for a couple reasons. When I did this challenge I was on the last month of being a sabbath school teacher to the early teens in my church. I noticed that even though I could come up with a semi decent lesson, I was not living what I taught in my class. I also noticed that I was becoming less sympathetic to people or situations. I noticed that I was no longer relying on God and his plan, and also having a bad attitude. With being a parent I need guidance in the tough times like a toddler in the middle of the Terrible Two’s which I wasn’t really looking for, but instead I was losing my temper more than I should and not handling situations that were best for me and my child.

I believe that I wanted to do this for myself and not others was the reason I have been able to keep going. I also realized that when I missed a day or had my devotional time in the afternoon that it help me have a good start to the day. The time I started to now I have noticed that I have been able to turn around my attitude, how I handle situations with my son or others. I have noticed that I have become more patient and sympathetic to what is happening around me and in the world. Even though I am no longer a teacher for my church, I feel that I am doing what I have taught which makes me feel better.

When I go over subjects for post that contain the Bible I am going there with a more open mind and feeling like God is guiding me in the right direction, compared to before. If I do decide to start up a bible study group in the near feature I think I am going to be more prepared when it comes to topics that are in the Bible and in life.

I will like to mention that I am no longer doing my devotional in the chair but at the table away from the TV, I have been able to be more consistent on when I am doing my reading. I have noticed that my day does goes better when I do have a good start with the Yeshua.

I believe that Daily Devotional time with God is important even when you are a busy mother. If you are having a hard time finding time to have your time with Yeshua, don’t rule out the most distracting time of the day. Yeshua still hears us and knows that we are spending time with him in the midst of the noise.

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