Story Time! Embarrassing Moments

Everyone has embarrassing, awkward, and “what was I thinking” moments and when we look back on them sometimes we just want to hide ourselves in a hole like an Ostrich. Throughout my childhood I was that awkward child that would say or do anything without being very bashful. I would try so desperately to be “normal” and to be able to fit in or be popular, which I never ended up being and was alright for me.

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~For Cute good Laugh~

When I was either 5 or 6 years old, my Uncle on my mom side got married. I was excited since I was able to wear this cute pink fancy dress and white shoes. When the wedding reception was over and we were leaving it was pretty late, and like any kid after a long day, I feel asleep in the back seat. I wasn’t alone in the backseat, I shared it with the wedding cake. That poor cake got my foot smacked right in it, and I had no clue until I woke up the next morning finding my shoe on the counter. The fact that the cake was ruined and that I didn’t wake up wondering what was all squishy between my feet.

~Elementary School~

In 4th grade, I watched Princess Diaries after it came out and was playing on Disney Channel. I am that Daydreamer or I live in my head. If you have seen Princess Diaries, you would remember the leg pop that was emphasized in the movie. I was at the water fountain on a step stool when I started daydreaming while forgetting that there was a line behind me. In the process of daydreaming that wonderful leg pop, I leg popped the boy behind me in precious zone. I didn’t realize that this all happened until he yelled at me. I looked back at him confused an embarrassed that I did such a thing and that it was all because I was daydreaming. I never did that leg pop again!

In 4th grade I won a best performance award for a little skit that I did for class. This skit contained just two people and I played a guy. For playing this guy I put lipstick everywhere on my face that would make it look like I was a guy. Before heading to art class I tried taking off the lipstick which after being told that I shouldn’t go to wild putting on that I couldn’t take it off. That lipstick was so smeared all over my face for the rest of the afternoon. I wish lipstick was that tough today, something about that formula worked well.

In 5th grade, I was in the talent show singing Amazing Grace which did pretty well. The one thing I wish that I didn’t do was wear a green long sleeve shirt and a skirt that was three different greens.

6th grade I did a talent show doing a Korean Dance taught by a Korean assistant teacher. I auditioned to do this dance and got in, then I practiced for a couple weeks. I was happy to do this dance, I wore the black shirt and pants that was asked of us and the red lipstick that was also asked. Then we were asked to take off the red lipstick (I believe we were asked) and dang what good formula that was because I had red lipstick smeared all over my face. I am so glad to have found makeup remover, but wish that I could find those lipsticks that pretty much are smudge proof.

I bet there was a time in you life, at least on a worksheet that you have cheated, OK just me then. I was getting to the point of not doing my homework for classes. It was Friday and we were always allowed to go to the high-school to eat, to have a little taste of the school. I cheated on my worksheet to go and be with my friends, I finished this worksheet in class right before leaving. I thought I got away with it since I thought the teacher was so focused on teaching in class, I was dead wrong. After getting my lunch box and was standing in line the teacher came up to me and said that I cheated on my paper. I didn’t last a second I was crying in front of everyone and I had to eat with a small group of kids from my grade.

I wore a lot of pink in 6th grade that I was called the “Pink Devil” and a pair of pants that was bell bottoms that had huge white splotches that I looked like I stepped out of the 70’s.

I called a boy that was in high school Tinkerbell and even color a picture for him that was Tinkerbell. I had a big crush on him but was a total jerk.

I decided this one wasn’t to be left out. Have you ever had a moment of victory especially if it was with a game and then you realized that you actually helped in losing the game. I was never on a sports team as a kid but badly wanted to be. I decided that I was going to be play during recess because honestly standing around isn’t fun enough, so I was allowed to play soccer on one side of the team and was practically standing around because there is a lot of people on the field. Well the ball was actually at my feet and I kicked into the goal and was EXTREMELY HAPPY! Well that happiness turned into total embarrassment since I kicked it into the wrong goal, I think everyone was laughing at my “victory”. Never played any games during recess at that school again.


~Teen Years~

I just turned 13 years old and I was visiting my mother and one of the things that she was doing for my birthday was letting me go horseback riding with church members which was also good friends. I have gone horseback riding multiple times before hand and this was the biggest this group that I have been apart of, and I was extremely excited. We got all the horses ready and we set on the trail, and It was a peaceful ride. There was this “wild” horse that only a few people can ride which wasn’t me, I had a tame mother. We got to an open field and that wild horse started acting up and I (not thinking) decided to head back and see if I could help. I didn’t make a scene if I remember trying to be a “hero” but still I made a stupid mistake. I ended up get my knee smashed in between our saddles. I ended up going to the ER after dropping off my “new” boyfriend, in the long run I didn’t date that guy for long and I ended up with an injured knee. If I DID think that I would have prevent that incident to happen.

When you don’t know how to dress or wear makeup and your hair is a total mess. In hindsight I wish that I just gave up completely on all that. I should have stuck with wearing just jeans and t-shirt, no makeup and keeping my hair in a ponytail. When I was in my early teens, there was only couple social media platforms and no Pinterest compared to what he have now. It near the end of the age of the Emo and Myspace. I was that girl who wanted to be liked and have the latest fashion and trends, which wasn’t worth the effort. Funny thing is none of that was part of the conservative private school I started going to in 7th grade. I just want to say  Thank You raccoon eyes, funny outfits, Myspace and random dating for teens sites. I looked TERRIBLE.

I went to a boarding school for Junior and Senior Year which was a whole new ball game for me, but it was still another conservative school. So lets go through the Embarrassing moments.

  • I bleached my hair the first couple months, then dyed it brown because my parents thought I looked Like a pin up girl. I dyed it brown twice, the second time I thought it was a red color but it wasn’t. I ended up with green and gray hair, my brother said I looked like a old women from the back.
  • I had baggy clothes the first semester, and I mean my pants looked like it could fit two of me, and my shirts were the same way. I also had braces with brown/green/gray hair, that I looked awful. I finally got my hair back to normal the second semester and some better fitting pants and the braces were gone.
  • I was working at a bread factory in the afternoons, and when I came back to the school for choir practice that I looked like I walked through mountain of flour and the flour reeked.

I started dating a guy that I had a major obsessing crush on, and he only started dating me because his friends dared him. Yeah we dated on and off for a while and honestly it was OK for a while. He wasn’t bashful if I would like to point out. It was one of those days that I really wish that I didn’t make a total fool of myself but I did. Now in my defense, I had no clue of what the plan was and I hate being late or not knowing important details. As I recall I fell on the ice and hurting my wrist while running down a road to find my ride to relieve a worker that had the morning shift at the bread factory. This worker was to be on the bus that was parked in the parking lot, so after I fell and then found my ride. The driver which is a good friend felt bad about it all and was alright until I found out that bus was already full of gymnastics members who watched me. Finding out that my then boyfriend was the one that laughed the hardest and loudest when I fell. I don’t think I was the only one who wanted to punch him!

Holy Hair! I needed a trim badly, and I was broke. Now my parents didn’t like giving me money for anything and it was like pulling teeth to get a couple dollars for gas. I didn’t have a job because I was in boarding school and the jobs on campus went right to our tuition. As I said my hair needed a major trim so one of the students said that she can do any hair trims and honestly everyone that she did looked great but they had thin and straight hair. I have thick wavy/ curly hair and needs a delicate touch. I let her “trim” my hair because it needed it badly and my parents decided they didn’t want me to get my hair cut and telling me that it wasn’t needed. I ended up with hair cut at so many different lengths and walked around with this for 4 months to “learn” my lesson. My Aunt took me to cost cutters to fix it, and  seriously haircuts are only $15, they really had to do a good number to help it out.

~Adult Hood~

I don’t have a lot of embarrassing stories after high school, so I don’t have a lot of stories to tell. I do have some basic mom fails. We all had those moments were we thought that we might not be prepared for, either an epic blowout or huge tantrum that everyone is looking at you like you need to take care of your child. I have gotten embarrassed a lot being that a lot of people love to give you a look that you are doing something absolutely wrong.I also learned to get used to those looks and not get embarrassed as much. I will as my son gets older and starts talking about random things in church.

  • The first couple months when you think that they have such a small body that you think that they wouldn’t produce such epic blowouts. My son sure would have one of those and I forgot to pack extra(2 or more pairs) clothes. I ended up carrying a naked baby during church and potluck, and the only blanket I did have was also a car seat cover that my mom crocheted which the holes were huge.
  • My son no matter what age is loud and doesn’t seem to have a volume button, especially in church he is the one who will yell the loudest, make dinosaur noise. or anything that gets him attention. I have had a lot of people look back at us, knowing that they are alright with it all, it sucks to have all eyes on you.
  • My son likes babies and just wants to hold them like a rag doll. I stop going to a lot of story times because he wanted to always grab the baby by the head and kinda yank. I have stopped him before he did any damage, but I always feel embarrassed by the wildness of my little man.

I hope that you got a little laugh of my embarrassing/ awkward/ what was I thinking moments. When I started writing these down I was really embarrassed by some of the moments I had through my life and would wake up thinking in the middle of the night from the memory and cringe from the memories. As I finish up this paragraph, I just laugh at my memories and think that was life and I am not so Embarrassed by some of the memories. More Story time to come!

P.S. I didn’t edit this post as much, I didn’t want to ruin it by making it perfect!

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