Spring Cleaning Week 2!

The second week of Spring Cleaning in my home in preparations of Passover and the Baby! This week was a little tougher for me. This week everything that I did the week before has been cluttered up by a 2 year old, life as a mom! I lost a lot of my energy this week being 33 weeks along in pregnancy so I didn’t do a lot this week compare to the first week but I still managed to hit almost everything on my list! 2

Day 6- Upstairs

  • I painted the landing upstairs, ended up being the same color as my son’s room for both the ceiling and walls, I think I was blinded by the light because I couldn’t tell that it wasn’t a 100% the white and honestly it blends so well that I can’t tell the difference.

Day 7-Living Room/Entry Way (same room)

My house is a open floor plan, which means that my living room and entry way is all in one room with no dividers. I have re-ranged that room so many times to find a great way to make it still look big but workable. We have big furniture in this room. The china hutch is also our tv stand and stores the DVD’s, craft and office supplies for this house. The way we had stored our son’s toys was by the door and my son loved to dump them in front of the door. It will be become mud season for us and my husband will be tracking a lot into the house, so I had to do some thinking.

  • I was using 7 peach crates as shoe storage which wasn’t working so I moved them upstairs and they are now bookshelves. Taking books upstairs from the overcrowded china hutch shelves and books from our room.
  • Scrubbed the floor and vacuumed the rug.
  • Moved the couch to become a divider between the entry way and living room, makes the living room small
  • I wiped down the china hutch the best I can without the chalk paint coming off, this summer I will have to repaint it and put varnish on it so I can clean it.

Day 8 -Laundry Room

  • The laundry room didn’t need to much TLC, just a little tidying up, the window tracks scrubbed clean and the floor scrubbed. I did have to dust down everything being that is also a utility room. I also worked on organizing under the kitchen sink taking cleaners that were not needed for the bathroom and placing them under the sink. Both look great and organized! I started working on the organization of the changing table, sadly I haven’t gotten the changing table finished.

Day 9-

  • The middle of the week and it seems there was no energy left in my body. I have a list of things that need to moved out of the upstairs room to the shed; a wooden table, a broken TV and a wooden lamp/magazine rack side table. Than I need a metal gun safe to go upstairs, we don’t need 2 gun safes down stairs.

*I know it is weird to have 2 gun safes but my husband used to collect guns before he got married to me and his money started going other place.

  • I took the changing table out to the shop to paint the rest of the way and to varnish. Chalk Spray paint doesn’t seem to do the best job and smelled horrible. I am ready to have that finished to organize it.



Day 10- Random Things Around the House

Our Master bedroom is on the bottom floor and sadly it is the dump zone for everything in the house. It doesn’t feel like a haven of any sorts. It is also a small rectangle room, which our big wooden DIY bed takes up most of the room. We have two dressers, one is a giant which all my husband clothes fills up and I have a small dresser on my side of the bed for my clothes(which might head upstairs for our son’s clothes). We don’t have a built in closet so ours is out in the open. The summer I will be building a solution that will be replacing both the dressers which takes up a lot of space in our home.

  • I am doing random things that are needed to be done to finish up other rooms. I have managed to get the wooden gun safe out of our bedroom, and got our bed centered in the middle of the room so I can have enough space for the baby bassinet and changing table.
  • I also moved the stove out of it’s spot and cleaned where it was, there was a lot of crumbs.
  • I dusted off the fans and cleaned all the windows in the living room and bedroom. I wiped down all the doors and door windows. I don’t have to see disgusting marks that my son left on the window!

Day 10- Last Day Of Spring Cleaning

Everything that I have cleaned the past two weeks have been well cluttered up, that is life with a 2 year old. So today is just normal cleaning before Sabbath. I left two rooms in the house though some things have been done with them, I have two major projects that have to get done before they are full cleaned and ready for spring and the baby. For the master bedroom I will be putting the nursery and will be sharing a room transformation and the upstairs bedroom isn’t finished and when I do finish it I will be doing a room tour of that as well being that it is a multi- functioning room for me.

  • I did manage to clean under the stairs which wasn’t bad, quick and easy.
  • I was actually able to get my car cleaned out and YIKES it sure needs a deep vacuum and shampoo done in my car.

I hope that you are able to get some motivation for some spring cleaning. I ran out of energy this week being 33 weeks pregnant but was able to muster up some each day to do small things around the house. Next week I am going to be doing some spring decorating and being that it is going to be a tad warmer around where I live I might be able to have some windows open in the house. Our home is small and seems that what I do for decorating sometimes makes the house seem cluttered so I will have to find a way to decorate without that clutter feel.


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