Spring Cleaning Week 1

This isn’t a how to for Spring Cleaning, but a little of my experience of Spring Cleaning my house for the first time since moving into our home. I am preparing for our baby to be coming and Passover(could be the same weekend).


February 24th to March 1st I started Spring Cleaning in my home, It was my first time that I have done this since moving in 2 years ago. I decided that I was going to deep clean our home, I have already decluttered and reorganized a lot of rooms making the Spring Cleaning a little easier on me.

Cleaning Products I am using

  • Method Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Method All Purpose Cleaner
  • Meyers Tub and Tile Cleaner
  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach
  • Heavy Duty Gas Range Degreaser for the stove
  • Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser for the stove
  • Pine- Sol Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Magic Eraser
  • Homemade: Baking Soda and Vinegar with Tooth Brush for the window tracks.

*I used a lot of the products with Micro fiber clothes it works wonders. I have been slowly switching all my cleaning products to more natural cleaning product using less of the harsh chemicals in my home.

Each Room that I had tackled, there was something that needed some major TLC which in most rooms was the windows, cleaning out the tracks. My son’s window took 45 minutes being that dirt and mold  was caked on and then the other windows were pretty easy. The downstairs floor is concrete and I hand scrubbed the floor but also taking the scrapper to tough spots.

1st day- I cleaned my son’s room which is the easiest room. I cleaned his window, picked up his toys, wiped down his cubing shelves and mopped his floor.

2nd day- I worked in the Attic crawl space; reorganizing, labeling and placing storage containers in a way to have easy access. I started working in the bathroom reorganizing some of the products and wiping down the sink, window and clean the toilet but wasn’t able to finish(my son woke up from his nap).

3rd and 4th Day- I cleaned the Kitchen, cleaning all the cabinets, reorganizing the deep cabinet pantry and scrubbing down all the appliances. I had to scrub the top of my cabinets and wipe down the fan and managed to clean the floor. *I didn’t pullout the stove which is needed so that is being done next week. 

5th day- I cleaned the dining room, cleaning our glass table, I needed take the glass off it its frame and take the scrapper to the glass edges and the frame. I cleaned the windows and scrubbed the floor. I also finished cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the floor.

Next week …I am going to tackling the laundry room, bedroom, living room, under the stairs and one upstairs room. Some of the rooms are going to be less work and probably will be able to combine the rooms. I will also be taking some things out of the house for storage. It felt great to tackle some of the harder areas and see my house cleaner and smelling great. I have learned that some of the things need to be cleaned once a month and others every other month so when it comes to a deep clean I can just get everything done in one week instead of two weeks. I hope that your spring cleaning is going great and maybe this was some motivation.

Young Country Mama

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