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I am Young Mom, I had my first little man at 21 , and my second at 23 years old. I might not be a teen mom which is younger than I am but I am still pretty young to have a kid in today’s society. I am very happy that this is the choice that I made. When I told people that I was getting married, I was around 19 years old. The first thing I was told that I should wait a little longer and to find myself and to live my life. That is what I am doing, I am living my life as a young wife and mom. I also chose to stay home with my little man to take care of him, to help him grow which helped me grow as a person.

My experience in the past couple years have really showed me who I am as a person. With those experiences, lessons and moment’s. I thought would be great to share. I felt alone when I was just starting off as a stay at home mom, but I did notice Youtuber’s and bloggers that had helped me along my journey. I believe that my journey is different than another persons journey and that I have different story to tell along with different opinions.

The other thing that drove me to start my blog wasn’t just being a stay at home mom who was  lonely in her world which was just filled with her son, I always had thoughts running through my head. Those thoughts needed a place to go, an outlet. With the go ahead from my husband I started blogging. Now my blogging journey hasn’t been easy with mental road blocks along the way, the thing that is helping me this time is that I am no longer listening to my insecurities.

This blog is also a place where I can freely express what I stand for; both politically and religiously. I can do this without being censored from Facebook and Instagram. I know that everyone has their views and opinions and that I would like to exercise on here, with an open discussion. It seems that we have become too sensitive to what everyone has to say which is hard for one to be open about what they are standing up for, in fear that it will be turned around to harm us. Freedom of speech I believe is no longer allowed by many people and no I am not meaning our President.

With writing out the reason for this blog in helping me also showing that I am able to open myself up to be free in my content. Now my content isn’t to hurt people around me, it isn’t to put people down in the process of speaking my mind. I don’t have knowledge of other people’s experience but my own, so I won’t be speaking out about Working mom’s (total respect for them), nor do I have experience of some one that has gone through much more in life than I have. I am only going to be talking about my life experiences, knowledge and opinions.

Thank You

Young Country Mama

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