How I Found My Purpose!

“The most important work you will do will be within the walls of your own Home”-Herold B. Lee.

Today I am going to talk about my journey of finding my purpose as a Women, Wife and Mom. This journey took a while and it took one word to open up my mind and eyes! You will just get a glimpse of what I do, and how it has changed my life. This is going to be the first post of many that you will see here on my blog.

When I became a Stay at Home mom in 2017, I had felt like I was missing something in my life. I kept searching for my purpose, I knew that I wanted to be home with my son but I felt lost. I kept searching on how to find your purpose as a stay at home mom on Pinterest to see if their was any blog post that would shed some light to my dimmed world. There is so many articles on how to find your purpose but none of them resonated with me until one day I came upon an article titled Homemaking.

I have never heard of the word Homemaking before or what it meant, so I clicked on that blog post and started reading. What I read, resonate with me on many levels. It was the jump start to my journey to become a better mom and wife in finding my purpose that I was searching for that seemed to be missing.

So what is Homemaking? Well it is practically the old word for Stay at Home Mom, a lot simpler to say. Though a lot of women feel when you say that you are homemaker that you just take care of the home, and that being a Stay at Home Mom shows that you are fully devoted to your child. Homemaker mean that you are taking care both of your children and your home.

I lived with my grandparents for so long that some of the older ideas in life stuck with me. I might be a millennial and like some of the newer things but I love the old culture and history. Yes, you can call me weird. To be called a housewife, and homemaker doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

When I just referred myself as a stay at home mom, I had that mindset that I was to focus on my son more than anything else. Sadly, my house was a disaster, there wasn’t a decent meal on the table, and I was always making excuses for why I was so behind on laundry. I felt lazy and my son wasn’t learning how to be independent like he needed to be, which made it difficult when became 6 months old. He knew that he had mama listed #1 on speed dial and I always doing everything to make him the happiest baby around. Now I know their isn’t such a thing as a spoiled baby but I didn’t have control of myself or my life around me.

When I started thinking about my duties of being a Stay at home Mom and Homemaker, I felt that their was more than just staying home and taking care of my child. I realized that I needed to take care of my home the best that I can, that didn’t mean that I was constantly cleaning the house. I was taking care of the budget, meal planning and cooking, home projects/upkeep, gardening and decorating, shopping, scheduling/planning etc. I started to feel like I did have a purpose as women, wife and mom. I no longer felt limited, and I was no longer using excuses when my husband came home from work.

I will say that our home, I don’t let Joel do the chores unless their is people coming over for a gathering/party. I am a very picky person on how I like stuff to get done. I also know that my husband,who is a lumberjack, works all day cutting trees which means a lot of walking. I let him entertain our two year old, and he can be driven crazy with our son’s antics while I take care of things in the home.

I have said this journey as been long and I am far from perfect. I have had a couple things that have helped me along this journey. Watching stay at home mom vloggers, they are great for motivations to clean and declutter, it also showered me that having a young kid doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to clean. I have also stopped using a cleaning routine chart because they don’t work, if I just focus on the basics that are needed to get done each day than I feel accomplished. Also my favorite saying that popped in my head one night and that is ” You might not have the motivation but you got determination”. Determination can get you pretty far especially when you set your mind to do something.

I didn’t just find my purpose, I also found myself proud of the way my home looks when I have the dishes clean and clothes put away. I have noticed that I am no longer just wanting to sit in the chair and watch TV, instead I feel antsy to get stuff done. I am no longer making excuses to my husband and he is also happy to see the house cleaner. My son is playing independently and he knows that mama isn’t always going to be there at every single call. I was able to take back a lot of control, and I can also breath a little bit easier.

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