No Spending Challenge, A week.

Hi Everyone,

I did something that I wouldn’t think I could do and that was I did a no spending challenge for a week. What I thought would be hard was actually very easy and I was very proud of myself. So jump right in and read my experience.

I did a no spending week in the middle of December, a month that is full of spending for the Christmas season. I decided that I was going to do this no spending due to the fact that I Love to shop, any time of the week I will go to the store because I “need” something but in all honesty I was bored and sick of being in the house. I was overspending, I was no longer budgeting and I had not meal planned,I was wasting money on food that was not necessary. I was going and getting fast food more times during the week that I was no longer enjoying it when it could be a date night.

It was easier than I thought to not spend any money and I am super proud of myself that I didn’t go to the store or fast food. I am glad that I had gone through it for the fact that I got to see some of the determination that I had lost when I had my son Adam. I did need to see that when you put your mind to it that you can do anything. I didn’t leave my house to go anywhere except for the gym 3x that week, being that it is winter I am alright with stay home and staying warm.

Each day If I had something that I had thought that we needed to get or that I ran out of, I wrote it down. I had a couple places on that list that I thought that I could get the products and I waited until Saturday night or Sunday when the challenge was over. I also did price checks for the Christmas presents that I was thinking about getting people to see if it would be in our budget.

The whole week I was creative on the food that we had left in the house, our freezer became a little bare and so did our fridge but it was nice to know that it wasn’t that much trouble to eat our own food especially with a picky eater for a toddler. I feel like I am a little healthier not eating that fast food and was looking to Date Night on Saturday with the my husband.

Did the no spending for the week save me money in the long run, no it didn’t. Saturday night we did go out and spent money on a couple things that did end up in price. Getting groceries on Sunday ended up around $200 more than I normally spend but I did have to stock up my freezer and fridge. Being that it was Christmas season and presents were still on the list to get I did spend a little more on that. What I will say that I am more careful. I did say that the no spending was to be resetting me on the right track that I had fall off of.

Since no spending, I had only been out to eat at fast food restaurant twice. I have gone to the store 3 times but carefully spending. I did learn a little bit more of myself, I can do anything that I put my mind to it and I have a lot of determination. I will be budgeting to save me money in the long run, with meal planning each week, and making shopping list for the week. I actually was not that bored during the week as I thought I would be. I was doing a lot more projects and my son was enjoying the fact that he didn’t have to get in the car.

I might not have saved myself money in the long run but I am very proud of myself for the determination that I had for this challenge. Will I do it again, if I have to.

Young Country Mama!

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