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I decided that i would like to talk about my breastfeeding journey that I went through with my little man who was very stubborn. I know that each person choices to do something different with their little ones and each little one is different on the experience the mama goes through. This will have some helpful tips that I wish i knew with my little man from the start.


I breastfed my son for 13 months on demand and 3 months weaning him. In that three months, I was able to learn how to not struggle mentally with breastfeeding as I did for the first 13 months. I thought I had failed as a mom as I struggled to get him on a schedule and a routine especially when it came to nursing him. My son I will say is stubborn and was very determined to not have any change. I did do my research and I did ask family for help but nothing was working. I wasn’t prepared for the whole breastfeeding journey and I didn’t have the right mindset or patience that would have made it both easier on me but also more enjoyable. My son wouldn’t take to bottles of any kind, or sippy cups, he didn’t like schedules. He was eating so much I thought that he would automatically start weaning when we started giving him food. When I mean that my son was nursing on demand it would be almost every other hour or if sick it would be every hour. I think my biggest struggle was with nursing at church or other place because my son would freak if I put a cover over his face when he nursed, he liked it when he was able to look around or at me. When I decided that I was determined enough to wean my son, I did some heavy reading online of others who struggled with a stubborn baby when it comes to weaning. I had to weed through a lot of articles that were on easy weaning to ones that dealt with a stubborn baby like mine. My mother helped me with a tip that I needed a long time ago with my boy.

Weaning Process

What Helped me wean our stubborn boy doing a slow process, it took me three months. Lots of Determination and research.

  • I started giving snack and straw sippy cup for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.
  • I used distractions for lunch meal time which was the hardest session to eliminate. I drove him around a local park and got him to sleep.
  • I went from lunch to breakfast, supper, bedtime and then midnight feeding. Each time I would wait a week or so to let us both get used to eliminations.
  • I didn’t give him bottle goat milk until he was being weaned from bedtime nursing sessions, he was getting only water for the whole time.
  • The last session took us one night and my husband took over the comforting of our son, letting him cry it out. The next night he slept through the night.

The Slow Process helped me to not feel any pain, gorging, or infections.

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