21 Things To Know About Me!

I came up with 21 things that you can get to know me a little bit better, they aren’t exactly in order. Extra mention is that I do have two sets of parents, one biological brother, and 4 step siblings. A lot of these are going to be in a future blog post!

1.) My hometown: New Glarus, Wisconsin, Lived with my grandparents for 8 years.

2.) Grandparents became my parents, my father worked all the time. I learned to sew and bake from Grandma. My Grandfather taught me about science, Bible, and machinery.

3.) My Parents divorced when I was 5ish, I don’t care why. I am close to my ma as I wasn’t as a child.

4.) I went to public school up to the day before 7th grade.

5.) I was addicted to pornography, 3rd- 6th grade (heaviest). No adult knew, it had the biggest effect on my life.

6.) I was bullied for many of the years of being in public school.

7.) I live with dyslexia, it has mostly been corrected, it does show up occasionally. I was a couple years behind in math.

8.) 7th grade to 10th grade where I caught up on math and gained my love for history. The School had only around 21-25 kids.

9.) 11th-12th grade I went to a boarding school, I forgot how to cook while being there. I could find my own ground as a person. I graduated in 2014

10.) I was sexually assaulted in high-school, I have forgiven the boy that had done it.

11.) I moved back home, went to work at McDonald’s (Best job) and still eat there once in awhile, at the same time i was going to Western Tech College.

12.) I am a certified Welder, I chose the Degree because I thought it was what I wanted. The Money and less amount of school won me, it wasn’t for me. I enjoy welding as a hobby but not as a job.

13.) I dated my husband for 6 months, had a year engagement and married January 17, 2016. I had a crush on him at 13 years old. He is 5 years older than I am. I love my Logger Hubby!

14.) We lived in a cabin that was only steps away from His parent’s house, while we built our home that is on the same property. Our home was finished almost a year after we got married. A month before our son was born.

15.) Our little boy is almost 2 years old, with a little sibling on the way.

16.) I enjoy music (Country, soul, pop, Christian rock), DIY’s, old TV shows. I am a daydreamer, Sorry Hubby.

17.) I live with Anxiety, I have been able to relax since getting married, and I have suffered from postpartum depression due to birth control pill.

18.) I study with Hebrew Roots Bible Groups finding my love to understand the Feast.

19.) I am a Stay at Home Mom, I am also a Homemaker.

20.) I love Shopping!

21.) I Love to write it helps me to clear my thoughts and to blow steam.

Young Country Mama!

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