20 Day Bible Reading Challange

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In the Middle of December I wrote that I was doing a Devotional reading challenge for 20 days. The point of doing this challenge was to start a habit that might keep going and it sure has. I didn’t write this one right away because I needed to make a couple points. I was struggling with my devotional time with God and I did some research on Pinterest and YouTube on what helped other moms in making time for God. What I learned didn’t work for me and it made me feel like I was failing consistently when it came to Devotional time.

It is said that you need to have quiet time with God which means no distractions, that is either in the morning before you children wake up or after they go to bed. My little man seemed to know when we wake up in the morning even when I wake up earlier. I was also very exhausted at night when he went to bed that I just went to my room and relaxed. Sometimes we also feel like we are overwhelmed and don’t have time to spend with God. Those are all decent excuses and reasons that Moms don’t get time in with God. I got tired of having all these excuse and it hit me when I decided that I was going to make time for God that I wasn’t going to wait until their was a quiet moment.

In the mornings I put on PBS kids for my son to watch so either he is cuddling with me or playing. I pulled out my Devotional book, Bible, prayer journal and bible plan for the 20 days. Even though the tv was on I was able to focus on my Devotional time and it didn’t take me long to read and pray. Now it seems to be unconventional to do Devotional time when there is distractions, and it felt weird at first but I was determined. I will say even when there is no distractions it didn’t stop my mind to wonder in the midst of the quiet which didn’t help me. I will say that I didn’t feel like I was interrupted as much as I thought I was going to be with an almost 2 year old. When I was done doing my devotional I felt like I was ready to conquer the day. When I did forget to read the bible until the afternoon it seemed that I was a little more stressed than needed.

I don’t think it matters what time you reading the bible or when you are reading it. I think the Lord is happy that you are trying to spend time with him. Their isn’t always going to be a quiet time to read the word. I have noticed that life is busy and overwhelming and the best way for me to conquer that is to stop everything and just read the word.

Before doing this challenge I would read my bible but only once in awhile and it started to feel more like a drag than enjoyment or for understanding. I felt guilty when I wasn’t reading my bible and I believe I was a crankier, I would fall into temptation that I thought could be avoided or that my anxiety would flare up. When all those things happened I jumped on the fact that I need to start reading my bible and I would for a couple days but wouldn’t stick. I decided to do this challenge not because of those three reasoning’s but that I wanted to know God again which helped me stick to reading His word. I will say that I know longer feel guilty or that my anxiety flares as much and when it does I can keep it at bay. I do think it also helped me fight temptation because I am thinking about other things. I need to point out that it is the starting point in the fight against temptation but there is other factors that help.

If you are wanting to get in the habit of spending time with God, find a way that works for you. It might be at the most inconvenient time or it might be the quietest moment! If it takes you to challenge yourself to get in the habit of reading the bible than go for it, I know it worked for me.

Young Country Mama

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