My Faith Kept on Growing!

Hey Readers, I am going to talk about my faith something that has grown over the years and I will like to explain a little on how it was as a child and how it has changed through some of the stages of my life. Here we go!A couple Subjects that was mentioned will be… Continue reading My Faith Kept on Growing!


Social Media Break

Its the weekend and I am ready to have a social media break, taking time to rejuvenate from the internet world. I have done this a couple times and I have gone about a month away from social media and it was refreshing but I am not going to last that long. I have been… Continue reading Social Media Break

Young Wife

Mr. Right

I never understood that one question that people ask when it comes during the time that you are dating someone for awhile. Is he the one? My husband and I had that discussion a couple times especially when it came to teaching this subject to my students for Church Youth Class.   My husband Joel… Continue reading Mr. Right

Personal Growth

My Road Blocks

When I started this blog, I was ready to share all my thought and ideas on a lot of different things in life. I felt it was a great outlet and maybe something the Yeshua was wanting me to do. I felt a pull to it and so I took a jump. Sadly, every time… Continue reading My Road Blocks

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Health Diary Week 2

There was a couple days that I wanted to write this and post it, I didn't know if I should wait a couple days after the first week was done to see how they weekend went and I also had to do some figuring out to make it easier this second week.I did wait since… Continue reading Health Diary Week 2


Our Love Story

Is this a Dream, I have been married for over 3 years to my husband. I had a crush on him when I was 13 and he was 18. I thought I didn't have a chance with him but it seems that I did. How we Met! I met my husband when I moved to… Continue reading Our Love Story

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Health and Fitness Journal

Day 1 I decided that I was going to start writing down my journey on how I am getting healthy after giving birth. It has been 6 weeks since I gave birth to my little man and I am struggling. This is a repeat of the first time being postpartum with my oldest. I love… Continue reading Health and Fitness Journal

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One Income!

How do I do it? We live on one income for the past 2 years and still manage to pay off one debt. It took me two years to learn what I know now on how to live on one income, how to make the money go far and how it taught me a couple… Continue reading One Income!